Friday, September 24, 2010

Youth Rally in VA

I mentioned that I spoke at Lebanon Methodist
United Church this past Sunday. Well, there
were two articles this week about the event
and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
in the local paper: Petersburg Progress-
Here are the links:
Inspirational Message on Monday, Sept 20

FCA Brings New Life to our Youth on Thur, Sept 23

Why share these links?

Because how often do we see in a Newspaper,

on the Sports Page,

comments about living life for God?

Not very!

Here were some comments:

"O'Brien-Amico, who was a talented soccer and
softball player in high school, speaks with
passion and speaks about passion."

"After ingesting the words from the Old and
New Testament she turned her life over to

"It was then that I learned about eternal
things," O'Brien-Amico said with a smile.
"God gave me the opportunity to win a gold
medal and it was my turn to do his work. If
you be faithful, God will take care of the

"She ended with a quote from the Book of
Daniel and concluded that "when we are
willing to receive the word of God, we
receive a lot."

The article was written by Thomas Dozier,
Sports Writer. God Bless him as he boldly
shared what that group heard on Sunday night!

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