Monday, September 6, 2010

So Blessed

OK, I just had to share what this wonderful
woman of God wrote to me after my event:
"Going for the Gold". I was so blessed by
her and her love for Jesus!

"My Dear Young Lady,
Thank you so much for sharing a
part of your life.
I loved baseball when I was young,
so everything you said was interesting.
I was thinking how important it is,
for following our life in Christ.
I accepted Christ when I was 13 in
church. What an experience! It was
real. I am now 85, loving a wonderful
Savior and loving His Word.
Life is a race also and I liked your
points of being your best, preparing
for life, being what He intends us
to be, and having fellowship with
others and being accountable.
The Lord bless you and use your
experience to guide many lives.

In His Service,

Lord, thank you for EACH and
EVERY opportunity to share your
truths. Thank you for Katherine
and her encouragement. May I shine
your love the way she does when I
am 85 years old!

And how cute is it that she was
wearing a jacket with the Olympic
rings! Love it.

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