Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Living By The Book

My husband, Tommy, is in a Bible
study right now and they are going
through the book, Living By The
Book, by Howard and William Hendricks.

Today I just opened it and started
reading a few pages and I can tell
it's a KEEPER. It's one that EVERY
Christian should own. I think this
and I'm only on page 23. It's all
about helping you to learn to read
and apply the Bible so that you can
see that life as a Christian is
the greatest adventure there is.
To many people, calling it a great
adventure just sounds weird, but
I have experienced this and I try
to get others to understand why
I feel this way too.

One part I just had to share is this:

Bible Study is Essential for Growth:

1 Peter 2:2:
"Like newborn babes, long for the pure
milk of the word, that by it you may
grow in respect to salvation."

They talk about your appetite for the
Word. You should "long" for it.

The book says:
"Now to be honest, that's a cultivated
taste. Psalm 19:10 says that Scripture
is sweeter than honey, buy you'd never
know that by judging some believers. You
see, there are three basic kinds of Bible
students. There is the "nasty medicine"
type. To them the Word is bitter- yech!-
but it's good for what ails them. Then
there's the "shredded wheat" kind. To them
scripture is nothing buy dry. It's like
eating a bale of hay.

But the third is what I call the "strawberries
and cream" folks. They just can't get enough
of the stuff. How did they acquire the taste?
By feasting on the Word. They've cultivated
what Peter describes here- an insatiable
appetite for spiritual truth. Which of these
three types are you?" (pgs 21, 22)

Wow- powerful statements but so very true!
Something for all of us to think about. And
when the Bible starts to become like "shredded
wheat", let's be reminded that it's really
supposed to be very sweet and ask God to help
us to dig back in to His Holy Word!

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  1. I just might have to get myself a copy! Sounds great! :)