Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween.  We are excited to go to
our church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for
Family Fest tonight.  My boys are getting
so big!
I'm so thankful for pictures because they
bring back many memories!  Things are
always changing and that's why I love
pictures: they help me to remember how
things once were.  For now, these are
our current memories :)
Pumpkin Patch 2011

My 3 crazy boys who I love like crazy even when they drive me crazy!

Luke: Art at Back to School Night

I can still remember taking Drew
to Family Fest when he was only
3 weeks old as a Dalmation!

And Luke at 6 months was already such a big boy!

Have a great night!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who is that?

Soldier Amico

We will Protect This House

Jake: loves his fiction!

Fall = Pumpkins

The boys knew it was that time of year:
Time to carve a pumpkin.  So they
begged me enough and we went to
work.  This was the first year that
they did most of the work.  We only
had one big pumpkin, so we made
something on both sides!

It's been nice to have cooler mornings
and to wear jackets at night.  I"m looking
forward to the holidays.  And I'll always
be thankful for these memories. . .
just getting started

digging out the insides

hoping mom will bake them one of these days!


One side: Happy face

The other side: a Cross and a Fish

At the pumpkin patch at Luke's school

Showing Dad his work

Mom is so proud

Enjoying the fall season

Last weekend I was the keynote speaker at the
Reunion for the All American Girls Professional
Baseball League in San Diego.  Tommy and I
were able to have a night out together and we
enjoyed it so much.  These ladies are great!  I
have met some of them in the past, but since
they played in the 1940's-1950's, they are all in
their 70's, 80's and 90's now.  As the pictures of
their teams were shown on the screen, I could
hear them mention names of their teammates. 
It's funny, because that's how I feel about my
college teammates and my USA teammates.  I
know that when I'm that age, I'll still have
all the wonderful memories of when we played
together! I was so honored to join these ladies
and truly am thankful for the opportunities they
paved the way for athletes like myself!

Here are some pictures of the night:
With Tracy Reiner (actress and daughter of Penny Marshall)

Date night :)

Katie and me (we have met before)

Penny Marshall (Director of A League of Their Own)

3 of the "softball players" from A League of Their Own"


Honoring the ladies who helped put on the Reunion and make it possible

Jan helped put together the event and did a great job!

With Shirley and Eme

Tommy enjoying talking with Maybelle who we have met in the past

Me and Maybelle

Pictures of one of the real teams

These ladies ROCK!

Thankful for a night away with my husband

JFSC New York

We had camp a couple weeks ago in
Manhassett, NY for Jennie Finch
Softball Camp. The weather was
perfect (80 degrees) and we even
had a spur of the moment trip into
the city which was only a 20 minute
train ride away! It was so much
fun. We walked around for a few
hours and went to the top of the
Empire State Building. Here are
some pictures of both NYC and
also camp!