Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My trip home

OK, I made it home yesterday morning from
Lousiana. Sunday was the final day for
the NPF Championships. The Florida Pride
ended up winning it all after losing the
first game. Cat Osterman pitched a very
good game and shut down the bats on Chicago's
team. The Florida Pride came out swinging
and scored in every inning except the first
and the last. They ended up winning 7-2.
Natasha Watley was the MVP of the series
and I am so happy for her!!! I did end
up going tubing and relaxing in the lazy
river my last morning there. It was so
nice to just relax and enjoy the setting.

So all was good and we ended up finishing
a little later than expected. I had to
drive 2 1/2 hours back to Houston for an
early flight Mon morning. After finally
getting on the road with Julie, UConn
softball, at 9pm, we expected to arrive
at the hotel around 11:30am. That was
before we found out that there had been
a big rig accident with a chemical spill
and the interstate was shut down! After
crawling for an hour and a half, we finally
found a detour and a Waffle House and
decided to stop and eat. We figured we
might end up heading straight to the airport
and not sleep!

Yep, this was the time: 12:15am

Best part, they let me order a Senior meal
(65 and over) for $2.70. Not sure if I
should be offended or just excited (ha ha)

We chowed and it tasted so good, maybe
because we were delirious!

We decided to take a picture so we could
laugh about it later!

At least I got stuck with somebody else and not
alone! We finally made it to the hotel at 1:30am
and got 2 1/2 hours of sleep before driving to the
airport and flying home! Back to homeschooling,
cleaning, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and all those
other mom responsibilities! It was fun while it

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NPF Championships #2

Here are some pics from my time here in
Sulphur, LA:

All the athletes dressed up at the Awards

The Lazy River Pool at the Hotel: L'Auberge

Our press box for the week

Our P.A. Announcer: Robert "KingRob" Harris who
is also an author, artist and raconteur

This picture is from 6 years ago when I met him
at a ULL Softball Banquet because I spoke there.
He brought the picture to show me!

Cheri Kempf: NPF Commisioner who does so much for

Our view from the Press Box

Me and Bernie wearing our headphones for Live
Streaming on MLB.com

Here I'm with Julie, who is a softball player from
UConn starting her senior year. She is doing an
internship with the NPF and I met her in Nov when
I spoke at UConn to the softball team and at AIA

Natasha Watley- one of the very best to play the game!

Natasha taking pictures with young fans

It's been a lot of fun, but I do miss my family!
I'll be home in a day and a half, but until then,
we need to find out who will be the 2010 NPF

Friday, August 27, 2010

NPF Championships

Day 1 in Sulphur, LA for the NPF Championships
started with a bang! Both games were highlighted
by the long ball. The game is being shown by
Live Streaming through MLB.com. That is what
I'm doing here. Of course, I am thankful for
this opportunity and I feel a little guilty
because besides doing the games, I'm getting
to sleep in (LATE) and hang out with friends.
I'm able to go to lunch and not worry about
my kids running around the restaurant. I'm
staying at a hotel/casino with an awesome
lazy river pool (I have not taken advantage
of this just yet). I've become hooked on
the $1.00 candy sundaes from Sonic Burger!

OK, back to softball, because, yes, that is
what I am here for. In the first game,
the Florida Pride (with many USA National
Team members on the roster) beat the
Akron Racers (Crystl Bustos). Jessica
Medoza hit a 3-run Home Run to left field
scoring Natasha Watley and Mel Roth.
Bustos made some great plays in left
field (she can play anywhere!) and hit
the ball hard like she always does! There
was a home run by Courtney Bures on Akron off
of UW pitcher (and Team Canada), Danielle
Lawrie. Pride won 3-2 and hopes to win
tonight to advance to the championship

In the 2nd game of the night it was Jennie
Finch on the mound for the Chicago Bandits
going against Monica Abbott. Another great
game and battle. Jennie was so focused
and wants to end her career on top! She
helped her chances by pitching a 1-hitter
(which really was a no-hitter but the umpire
didn't see that the runner was out by a step)!
Stacey May (NPF Player of the Year and one
of my new favorite players!) hit a Home Run
to straight center field to put the Bandits
up to a 1-0 lead. Samantha Findlay hit
a LONG Home Run over the left field bleachers
to put them ahead 2-0 and that was the game!

It's been fun to watch these athletes compete.
I've enjoyed some great coversations I've had
with some of the girls. Looking forward to
another great night of softball!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer Journal

Here are some thoughts I wrote down after
a time of prayer and sitting before the

Desire is the root of so many issues today.
Those who live the abundant life that God
has called us to desire Him above all else.
Those whose hearts desire the things that
this world has to offer will reap what
they sow. What do you desire? God will
give you the desires of your heart. If it
is God, you will be filled. If it is not,
you will be empty. Desire starts with a
longing in the heart, a need that you want
to fill. God wants to fill your needs,
but we must go to Him to have them met.
Desire leads to seeking. Seek and you
will find. God's promises work both ways:
what you find depends on what you are seeking.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NPF: Pro Fastpitch Championships

I'm heading to Sulphur, LA in the morning for
the NPF Championships. I'll be commentating
for Live Streaming on the internet. I know
there will be a lot of excitement in the games
and I'm grateful to be able to watch my
former teammate and friend, Jennie Finch,
finish her career playing for the Chicago

She has done so much for the sport of softball
and most importantly, she is a Christian
role model for all young softball players
out there. She is the best and it won't
be the same in our sport without her on
the field, but she'll still be involved in
many other ways!

I have to admit, I will miss these boys:

Even though they can drive me up a wall,
I love them so much!

And I will miss this boy too :)

By the way, I never did show a picture of
"Spots", our Leopard Gecko (he's a little bigger
now after eating so many crickets), so here
he is:

This past weekend I had an amazing time in Indianapolis
at the Sports World conference. I'm excited to speak
for them in October! Have a great week!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Stuff at "Going for the Gold"

Well, it really happened! An event that was
completely orchestrated by God that allowed
me to share my experiences in softball and
winning 3 Gold medals and my passion for
giving God all the glory took place! I had
a great time and heard some great stuff from
people who were there. Don't get me wrong,
I know I can always do better, but I also
trust that God worked exactly how He wanted
to work that night. There were about 300
people there and I shared straight from my
heart. When I speak, I write down some
ideas but so many new things come out when
I'm speaking because they come to my mind
when I'm on the stage.

I will post some pictures soon because
Josh Menashe was kind enough to be the
photographer for the night. You can see
his stuff at www.perfectlypictured.com.
He also helped me to put together a slide
show for the night with music and fun pics
from my playing days and my traveling.

I am just in awe of how God works. He has
opened many doors for me and what I mean is
that I have had opportunities that come to
me that I probably couldn't make happen if
I tried to do it. But as I am faithful to
seek God and grow in His Word, I keep having
new opportunities come my way. I encourage
you to say, "God, I want to follow you.
Lead me where you want me to go. Help me
to get rid of any sin that is in the way of
having a close relationship with you. Use
me for Your glory God." If you say that
and most importantly if you mean it with all
your heart- your life will never be the same!
God will honor the prayers of His children.

Life as a Christian is the most exciting thing
ever! If you think it's not, then you should
ask yourself the place God has in your life.
When He is made Lord and the desire is there
to serve Him, it will never be boring! It
will be many things, fun, exciting, challenging
and yes, hard at times, but never boring!!!

I am in Indianapolis speaking tonight at the
evening session for Sports World. This
organization sends Pro Football Players into
schools to share their stories and to tell
kids that the reason their lives changed was
because Jesus Christ came into their lives.
I will be joining these guys- yep, I'm the
first female athlete in 30 years!- this year
in the schools. Tonight I'll share my story
with them so they get to know me a little
bit. There is nothing better about being
around others who have passion for God. If
you don't know anyone like that, ask God to
bring somebody in your life who is passionate
about Him. If you are passionate about God,
keep allowing Him to make a difference in the
lives of those around you!

I'm also reading an amazing book called,
"Secret Power" by D.L. Moody. Get your hands
on this book! I have experienced so much
of what D.L. Moody talks about and just
reading it, you will be reminded by him,
that your life will never be boring if God
is truly leading you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

USA Softball Pictures

I was going through pictures to put together
a slide show for the talk I am giving on
Thursday and found some pictures that we
lost on CD. I took pictures of the pictures
and here are some of those photos from
when I played:

3-Time Gold Medalists:
Me, Lisa, Laura & Lori

Me with Fred Roggin: Sports Anchor for
KNBC-LA (Channel 4)

We just won the GOLD and now I have my
husband to celebrate with!

Two important jobs: #1 Being a Mommmy
#2 Representing our Country on the Field!
(World Championships in Canada; Jake was 1 yr.

George Bush threw out the 1st pitch in the
1st Olympic Game and then we were able to
meet him and talk to him. We also met
George W. Bush's daughters.

My favorite Coach EVER! I love this man like a
dad! Coach Candrea is the BEST!

Havin fun with my teammates

On the set of The Today Show in Athens

Good memories of Good times!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Going for the Gold: Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

August 19th: 7pm @ Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Come out and listen to a message about
Faith, Life and Sports: "Going for the Gold".
It's not just about being great in sports,
it's about making a difference through
your life!

*Hit the pause button on the music on the
top right of the page to hear this video.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Grand Canyon

When we went to the Grand Canyon during our
trip to Utah (it was a 3 1/2 hr. drive away)
the temperature dropped from 90 degrees to
55 degrees! It was even raining a little
bit when we got there. We weren't dressed
for the cold weather but that wasn't going
to stop us from having a great time!

There were low clouds when we first got there
and there wasn't as much of a view of the
canyon. I was pretty bummed, but still amazed
at what I was able to see.

We waited long enough for the clouds to go
away and we were so glad we did!

My good friend, Kristi, and her family went with
us to see the Grand Canyon for the first time ever
also! Her husband, Josh, is a photographer and
captured these shots on his camera.

Well, except this one that I took of their cute

Then Josh wanted to get a cool picture of us dangling
our feet over the edge of the canyon and there were
MANY onlookers! Anything for a good picture right!

(good thing we left my two oldest boys at the campsite
or they might have tried to follow!)

Then Tommy brought Luke out and we got a family shot!

Thank you God for "keeping our feet from slipping!"

Psalm 121:2-3
"My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip--
he who watches over you will not slumber"

After we were back to safety :), we hung out
in the Lodge:

They had great Hot Chocolate at the Grand Canyon
Lodge! It kept us warm and we cuddled up together!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sports and Faith

I'll be speaking next Thursday, Aug 19th
at my home church, Calvary Chapel Chino
Hills. We've titled this topic: "Going
for the Gold" because I'll be sharing
about my Olympic experiences and winning
3 Gold medals. So many principles in
sports can be related to our lives, and
even in our spiritual lives. Our faith
in Jesus Christ as Christians is the key
to victory.

1 John 5:4-5 says:

"This the the VICTORY that has overcome
the world, even our FAITH. Who is it that
overcomes the world? Only he who believes
that Jesus is the Son of God."

We have VICTORY through Jesus Christ alone!

I have experienced a lot of victory on the
softball field through the years. But even
more important than that, I have experienced
victory in life. There are struggles that
I go through, but I know where the victory
lies- in calling out to Jesus. I understand
how to be victorious better as I learn God's
Word more and more. I am excited to share
more of these truths next Thursday night.
Please pray that God's truth would penetrate
everyone's heart who attends. And pray that
I would speak only what God wants me share.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Boys and. . .frogs

The boys liked being next to the river
because there were lots of tadpoles &
pollywogs to catch. At night there
were always frogs hopping around.
They wish they could have kept them!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zion Pictures

We left Southern California and headed 6 1/2
hrs away to Zion, Utah. The views are amazing!

The kids loved the idea of sleeping in a tent
(and playing with friends in the tent)

Our tent was right next to the river and
the boys couldn't wait to get into the water

We have our "spot" at the river and the guys
worked hard to build a play area for the kids
(even the little guys helped and loved working
hard with rocks)

The tent wasn't bad to sleep in

But the boys sure know how to make a mess
everywhere we go! Now if they could just
learn to PICK it all up!

We headed into Zion National Park many times
during the week

and rode the tram up the mountain

This was part of our group after hiking to
Weeping Rock

Most days started out the same: hanging out by
the river

and eventually riding our tubes down the river

Wendy and her boys had the best ride in their boat

This is a picture of the "Three Patriarchs": Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob

We headed to the last stop at the top of the
mountain to hike to "The Narrows" but when
we got there it started pouring

The kids didn't mind at all!

As everyone was heading out, we decided to head in
(and were praying that no flash floods came!!!)
We made it safely to the entrance of The Narrows

Then a few of us rode our bikes down the mountain
back to camp. We saw a few turkeys crossing
the street (Josh is getting a picture)

and this Momma dear and her two little fawns
were right next to the street.

We made smores (more times than anyone should!)

And one day a few of us took a trip to the Grand
Canyon! I have never been. Luke was the only
one who wanted to go with Tommy and me, so this
was our family picture (Josh took better pictures
that I'll have to share later)

We rode the tram again

To the Lodge so we could get some Ice
Cream. A couple guys played football, we
hung out in rocking chairs and the kids
played together. The kids got little
souveniers to bring home.

The kids played (thought they were playing) games

And when the weather was better, we went back
to hike The Narrows. We hiked about a mile and
a half back and the hike is through water,but
as you can see the water is brown (too bad it
didn't taste like chocolate milk!). The water
is brown from the rainstorms they were having
while we were there. That didn't stop everyone
from swimming in it!

Just another day camping

Most of our group left on Thursday but we stayed
an extra day with the Aceves Family (we camped
in their pop up tent trailer the 2nd half of the
trip), so we went to Fort Zion together

Just me and my boys

And we finished the last night off just the
way you should on a camping trip: making

We had the best time camping with the O'Brien's,
Menashe's, Raatjes', Miller's, Matson's, and
the Aceves'. We hung out with the Negrete's
too but they weren't at the same camping ground
as us. These are only a few of the memories we
made! I'm looking forward to the next group