Monday, September 27, 2010

Holding on Through the Waves

Today I took my boys to the beach to beat
the 111-117 degree heat that was all over
Southern California!

The boys had a great time playing and
we even made seashell necklaces with
seaweed. Our day was finished with
Balboa Bars (pictures will come once
I download them)!

Here's what I wanted to post:

I went out in the water (not too
far) with my boys. Jake was on
his own and Luke and Drew were
holding my hands. They were
laughing and having a great time!
Pretty soon, the waves were getting
bigger and Luke (3) wanted to go
back in to shore. Drew (4) wanted to
go further, as long as he could
hold onto my hand. Luke got afraid
even though I would never let him
fall. Drew knew that holding onto
my hand meant safety so he was
jumping into all the waves crashing
toward us. My boys had two completely
different experiences in the ocean.

Then this "God-thought" came to my
mind (I call it this because I
believe God puts these things in my

God promises to always be with us.
He wants us to let Him lead us and
guide us. He is always there to hold
our hands. But sometimes our fear
gets the best of us. If we worry
more about the waves crashing in and
forget who is holding our hand and
the protection we have, we will run
to shore and miss out on the exciting
adventures awaiting us.

For the one who will trust God with
all his/her heart, and will follow
where God leads, there is so much
to be experienced. Yes, it could
be scary and intimidating, but once
you look to the One who is holding
you, you can face those waves and
jump right through them with a smile
on your face! You won't miss out
on what God has planned for you
and you will have the greatest
adventure ever. Even if you stumble,
God promises that He will not let
you fall, just like I wouldn't let
my boys fall!

Psalm 55:22: "Cast your cares on the
Lord and he will sustain you; he will
never let the righteous fall."

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