Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Pre-School
for both Drew and Luke! I remember
taking Jake and dropping him off
and walking away with tears in my
eyes. But for some reason, I don't
think I'm going to cry this time.
I may jump up and down, run to
the store just to walk down the
aisle by myself or just go read
a book, but I don't think I'll
cry. ha ha OK, maybe it will
hit me tomorrow that my kids are
really growing up and I know I
will miss them, but I am excited
for them to experience pre-school.
I will be able to homeschool Jake
on Tuesdays all by himself and
that will be very good for us both.
Jake takes classes on Thursdays
so I will have 4 hours to myself
each week: oh, what to do? I'm
sure I'll find plenty to do.

Last Thursday we went to meet
their teachers and the boys are
now very excited to start.
They found their desks (they
are in different rooms with their
age group).

They like to tell people that they have
trains in their classroom.

And each room had a Bible chart for
memorization. We were happy to see
that Drew already memorized Genesis 1:1:
"In the beginning, God created the
heavens and the earth."

Big Day Tomorrow!

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