Friday, September 3, 2010

Be Still, and know that He is God

It is almost impossible it seems these days
to BE STILL!!! We are sooooo busy all the
time. Our schedules are packed, our plates
are full and there never seems to be enough
hours in the day. And yet, if we take a
step back and look at things, we will see
that we all make choices in these busy
schedules. We can look at our schedules
and see what is most important to us.
Obviously we have to pay the bills, so
we are busy with careers, we are busy with
our kids (a top priority), sports, church,
friends, trips, homework, TV, computers,
emails, texts, facebook, etc. The list
goes on and on.

I've heard the saying, "God made us human
BE-ings, not human DO-ings" and yet we all
feel like we have to DO everything. I get
reminded what is most important when I am
spending time with God. But even in my
time with God, I am more blessed when I
just sit and listen to God. When I am
alone, by myself with no distractions
is how I have learned what it means to
"Be still and know that I am God" like
the Bible says.

It is so good to DO, in fact the Bible
says, "Faith without works is dead" so
we are to ACT on our faith. But in order
to act, we need to first receive. God
needs to work IN us BEFORE He can work
THROUGH us. I am guilty of getting too
busy to SIT with God. When I slow down
and get still is when I am able to get
REAL with God in ways that I can't when
I'm busy. I ask God to forgive me and
suddenly I get thoughts of ALL the areas
I need forgiveness for. I start to PRAISE
God for WHO He is and all the sudden the
Names of God come to mind (Creator, Father,
Redeemer, Rock, I AM, Alpha and Omega, Lion
of Judah, Ancient of Days and so on). Wow,
the BIG-ness of God comes to mind. And I've
learned to hear from God as He impresses
thoughts on my mind and heart that can only
be from Him. Like my Pastor says, "You'll
know it's God because it's your voice in
your head, but it's something you wouldn't
say (always aligning with Scripture and
confirmed when it is God)". I have
completely experienced this. And yet,
I have an amazing experience sitting at
the feet of God and I still struggle to
get back to that spot regularly. I am
thankful that God is faithful even when
I am not. Just today I had a great quiet
time and I'll share what I wrote down from
it in a later post. I am always so encouraged
after a quiet time. I will do better to get
that alone time with God: I know I need it!
I want God to work in me so He can work
through me more.

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