Friday, September 10, 2010

What should Jake read?

Jake loves to read and when we would go to
the library we would try to find books that
were good for his age and interest. We have
found some with good messages in it, but
it is hard to pick out something when I don't
know what is inside. I loved the "Left
Behind" books when I read them after I
became a Christian. I know they are fiction
but there is also a lot of truth from
the Bible ("Revelation") in there and I
would read something and go to check and see
if that part was true in the Bible. I
learned a lot from doing that. Well, this
series for the kids is about some teenagers
that were "left behind" after the rapture
and Jake is loving these books. It is
bringing up some really good conversations.

The best part is that there are 40 different
books in this series so I don't have to
worry for awhile what we will read next!

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