Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cabin

The Jennie Finch Softball Camp was held
at Radford University and Coach Micky
Dean put us up at a real log cabin nearby.
It was a cabin on a lake, and we even
went in a canoe while we were there!

There was so much room at the cabin. There
were 4 bedrooms and also 7 twin beds, and
a kitchen, dining area and big living room.

5 of us girls slept here both nights:

It was a screened in porch and you could see
the lake from the beds. The first night we
got there in the dark and acorns kept hitting
the tin roof and it sounded like somebody was
throwing boulders, so I didn't sleep too much
that night.

From the back porch, we walked down to the

It was so pretty

We had to get pictures on the dock

And a Wildcat picture: Bear Down Arizona!

Montana, Mac, Amy and me went out in the
water just before it got dark. We had
to be a little adventurous!

We definitely made memories in Virginia!

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