Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Shirts!!!

I am excited to share the 1 Cor
10:31 shirts I have in stock. If you
want to purchase a shirt, they are
$20 (including S&H)- they
come in sizes youth medium
to Adult 2XL.  You can pay
through paypal:

When you send payment, let
me know if you want me to
sign the shirt! Make sure to
include the size and an
address. Thanks and
keep shining for the Lord in
ALL you do!

Lots of school, travel, softball, speaking, and more. . .

I have not been good about updating
my blog, so here is a blast of
pictures from the past few months:

2014-2015 school year. . .

 It has been a crazy, busy couple
of months!  School is in full swing
(I am homeschooling once again),
and we are balancing it all as I
have had many opportunities
to travel, instruct, and speak.
In terms of teaching my boys,
I now have a 2nd grader, 3rd
grader, and 7th grader!  Where
has the time gone?!

We continue to do Jennie
Finch Camps (our last one
for 2014 is this weekend in
Tucson, AZ!).  I'm excited
to get back to Wildcat Country
and see some of my favorite
people in the softball world!


 Jennie, Crystl Bustos and I all
have birthdays in early September,
so Jennie decided to rent out the
paintball facility to celebrate!  It
was my first and my last time but
it was a lot of crazy fun.  Memories
were made for sure that day!

Bible Study Sunday morning

It was exciting to get the NEW
FCA Softball Sports New Testament!
Just released this fall and it features
my former teammates and coach and
other softball stars!

Softball continues to bring new
friends into my life, and I love
how God just combines opportunities
to see friends from across the country!
Taylor (TN) and Caity (VA) were
involved with Jennie's camp in VA
and we all traveled to the Dominican
Republic in the summer of 2013.
We will be traveling to Spain together
next summer with America's Team!
Taylor and Caity

This summer, we went to a Red Sox  vs Angels game so
Tommy could cheer on his favorite team!
I had the chance to meet Willie
Robertson from Duck Dynasty
in Sulphur, LA when Jennie
Finch and Sulphur put on a
fundraiser for the Wounded
Warrior Amputee Softball
Team.  We had Jennie's camp
that weekend as well.  It was
AWESOME!  And Willie is
such a great guy!  We even
played outfield together- he
can play :)
 I turned the BIG 4-0 in
September!! And I was able
to spend my birthday with
my family and closest friends.
The older you get, the more
you realize that the greatest
gifts in life are the relationships
you have with those around you!

I also took a trip to Mexico
for my birthday.  We planned
to go to Cabo San Lucas but
a hurricane destroyed the area
one week before we were
supposed to be there.  So we
had a quick change of plans
and went to Rosarito.  It was
fun to spend quality time with
my brother and sister-in-law
and my best friend and her
 The food was amazing!!
 We found some fun treasures. . .
 And I crossed a bucket list
item: Riding horses on the beach!

 Drew and Luke are finishing up
their soccer season.  Luke's team
is undefeated heading into play-offs.
Drew's team has struggled but he
has met some new friends and
enjoyed being out on the field.
 I have been honored to have
more opportunities to share
about how important Jesus
is in our lives!  I spoke at the
Ashlie Pipkin Memorial
Tournament in Sumter, SC
in September.

September also marked a full
year of working out.  I haven't
done workouts like these since
I retired 10 years ago.  Although
the weights are not as heavy,
it has been hard work and I
have enjoyed the struggle!

 I spoke at the Purpose
Conference for teen girls
in Norco, CA.
It was so nice to have
some quality girlfriend time.
A few weeks ago, I spent a
Fri-Sat with some
dear friends of mine at
Beth Moore's Conference
in San Diego.
It was refreshing and
 We celebrated my niece,
Brooklyn's, 3rd Birthday
in September, and Drew's
9th Birthday on October 8th.
I was excited to get the chance to 
go back to West Virginia.  Faith
Christian Fellowship brought me out
for a softball outreach and to speak
at their Sunday church service.  I
was so honored and have met the
most wonderful people!  It was such
a bonus to have the entire Marshall
University Softball Team and staff
help at the clinic and come to the
church service.  

 We took a family field trip to the
San Diego Safari Park last month 
and it was so nice to have Tommy
go with us!

Oak Glen . .
 Oak Glen is a family tradition
and this year we were able to
have Caity go with us.  She is
staying with our family for 3
months as a travel nurse in the
OR at Children's Hospital Los
Angeles.  She also helped us to
get some great shots for family
 My niece, Taylor, is playing travel
ball now for CIA out of Chino Hills.
I was able to speak to the girls a few
weeks ago.  My passion is to encourage,
inspire, and empower these young ladies
to be all that God has called them to be!

 I was honored to speak at a
fundraiser for Westmont Girls
Basketball as they are preparing
for a trip next summer to Africa.
Santa Barbara is so beautiful-
it was fun to enjoy the weather
and beach for the short time we
were there.
 A couple weeks ago, I helped
at a clinic at Lander University
in South Carolina.  We also worked
with FCA and I was able to share
about the love of Christ.  I love how
God is connecting me with others
who have the same heart!  The
Lander Head Softball Coach is
Tina Whitlock, and we were
teammates when we were 14
years old and then again in Women's
Ball.  She is so strong and bold in
her faith!  It was inspiring.
We hung out with good friends on
Halloween this year.  The boys
enjoyed dressing up and getting
candy!  They wore these costumes
to their Thursday classes that
they take.

 I was able to speak this week
for Sports World in Watertown,
NY and surrounding towns.  The
response was so encouraging!  These
students just need reminders sometimes
that they are not alone in their
struggles, and they all can achieve
greatness with hard work!

Tommy has been working so hard:
eating healthy and working out and
 I am SO proud of him!  He 
has lost so much weight and
has shown great discipline!
In January we will celebrate 
our 16th Wedding Anniversary!

 This has been a very hectic couple
months, but I cannot complain at all.
We are beyond blessed and I am
thankful for my family and for
all that God has allowed me to do.
I am looking forward to the holidays
with my loved ones!  I can't believe
it's already November.