Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello from Florida

I'm in Tampa Bay, Florida

I'm color analyst for ESPNU
for College Softball Super
Regionals and the 2 teams
I'm covering are USF and
Hofstra.  Both teams are
unseeded and both are playing
well right now & have solid
pitching.  I am thankful for
another opportunity to be
a part of a sport that is
such a passion in my life!

So much has happened in
the past month!  I wanted
to share some pictures:

Drew finished his 3rd
season of baseball

 we love our family time
we love our Bible
we love our dog

 Jake- w/ niece, Brooklyn
and Grover
 Lucas on the left won
the Jimmy Hitchcock
Memorial Award for
Christian Leadership
as an athlete (his brother
on the right, Jacob, is
his biggest fan)
 Luke's B-day in  April
at his pre-school class

 From my trip to Alabama:
the church where Martin
Luther King Jr. pastored
 My awesome host family in
Montgomery, AL
The Edwards Family
 we took a family trip up a
small hill by our house to
the cross we always see.

I'll never forget the conversation
we had one day about this cross-

Drew was 5 yrs old and saw
the cross up on the hill and
said, "Mom, is that where
Jesus died?"

It was the cutest thing :)

I explained that it was far
away in Israel and that there
were 3 crosses where He died.

I love the minds of kids

 great view from the top
 We still go and feed the
homeless in Pomona and
share the Word of God
 Jennie's camp in Ardmore, OK
Love working with young softball
 Luke being silly with my
mom's dog, Bella
 Luke rode his bike for the
first time without training
wheels. . .yay

we still have to practice on
stopping though :)
 The boys got their face paint
on and were ready to battle
I'm missing my boys this week,
but Tommy is sending pics and
we are talking on the phone all
the time. 

Have a great day, week, summer :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is almost here!

My head is spinning- I'm trying to
think of all the things I need to get done
in the next couple weeks before I
leave to coach in the Pro Fastpitch
league.  I have so much to share and
so little time.  I want to get back on
and write a post about my trip to
Alabama for the Jimmy Hitchcock
Awards Banquet that I spoke at
and also the Jennie Finch Softball
Camp we had in Oklahoma a week

Until I do, let me just say that God
showed up. . .BIG TIME!  I know
that He is God, and I know He's
Always there, but there is just
something amazing about experiencing
God in fresh and new ways!  I love
how He opens my eyes and heart to
the ways He is working and moving!

For now, I just wanted to update all
that I have in the very near future.

We have school this week (last week
Jake had STAR testing so we had
short days each week and were able
to go to the beach one day and also
the pool with friends another day).

Next week I head to Lousiana to
shoot some video for Diamond
Nation with Jennie Finch.  Then
I will find out where I am heading
to work with ESPN again for College
Softball Super Regionals.  After I
get back from that trip, I will have
a week before leaving all summer!
I am nervous, stressed, anxious,
excited, and anticipating a lot of
fun this summer!  I am praying my
boys enjoy their time in Florida, that
Tommy does okay when we are
apart, that my dog doesn't forget
who I am when I return, and that
I don't go crazy being away from
my boys when I travel on some trips.
I also am praying that my sister-in-law,
who is helping watch my boys with
me in Florida, stays sane as she
takes care of 3 Amico boys along
with her 2 kids.  My boys are so
excited to spend the summer with
their cousins in the same house!  There
should be a lot to share when I get

Today is Tommy's Birthday! 

We went to lunch for his birthday at
Panera Bread and then went to get

We also celebrated and sang
Happy Birthday to him last
night as we celebrated
Mother's Day with my
whole family.

Life can get so busy, so it's
so great to spend the
holidays with family and just
enjoy eachother.