Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JFSC: Radford, Virginia

This was my 2nd camp this year with Jennie Finch
and they do such a great job. Radford University
and some of the Roanoke SB players helped out
at all the stations and behind the scenes.

There was such a great turnout- there were 409
This was Mac doing a catching talk:

I worked at the outfield station

Each day we did 3 different stations of
drills working on different drills: diving
was one of their favorite stations!

We worked on sprinting to the ball

and also soft hands.

All the fields were being used to work on:
bunting/slapping, hitting, fielding, pitching
and throwing and baserunning.

We had all different ages to work with.

I enjoyed working with this group.

My college helpers were awesome:
Hannah, Lauren, and Jessica

And the clinicians were fun to work with too!
Toni being her silly self.

One girl I met was Gracie. She was so adorable
and her and her mom came up to me and told me
they were Christians too.

She even gave me a silly band and a great
Christian CD, Caleb. I am thankful for
other people I meet with the same faith
and love for the sport of softball.

We signed autographs for all 409 campers

And we each gave some words of encouragement as
we ended the clinic.

Jennie and her whole staff (family) do an amazing
job. The clinics are so well organized and family
friendly. I was so blessed this week because on
Sunday Jennie asked if I would open up with a
devotional for people who wanted to come early
and listen.

Then after the clinic, I drove about 4 hours away
to Lebanon Methodist to speak and flew home on
Monday morning to get back to my life as a mom
and wife and homeschool teacher! I am grateful
for these little trips I get to take!


  1. This looked like an amazing experience, and hope that one day I can be involved with camps like this, as I know the impact that other players and coaches had on me, I'd like to be able to pass that on, along with my growing faith.

  2. would you ever do a camp in or around Cincinnati, OH? If you are in Cincinnati, we would love to have you visit our church, Montgomery Community Church.

  3. I can't wait till you come back to Virginia! I loved working with you and the rest of the staff. Reading your blogs and learning more about you helps me become a better person. I feel like I could talk to you about anything. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much, Leah. Because of you, I will learn to become closer to God. <3