Wednesday, May 25, 2011

College Softball on TV!!!

It's that time of year again:
the battle for the opportunity to
take your DI Softball Team to the
Women's College World Series!

This weekend is Super Regionals.
16 Teams will compete at 8 different
sites and the winner (best 2 out of
3) will advance to Oklahoma City
next week!

All 8 Super Regional Games will be
televised! I will be commentating
for these two teams:


The games are being aired on ESPNU

on Friday at 4pm Pacific (7pm EST)

and Saturday at 11:30am Pacific (2:30pm EST)

The if-game will be at 2:30pm Pacific if

I hope you can tune in! It's going to be
a fun-filled Softball TV Weekend with ESPN!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Sox vs Angels

Last month we went to watch the Red Sox
play in Anaheim against the Angels. My
husband is from Boston and therefore, is
a HUGE Red Sox fan (and any other New
England Team for that matter). The
boys are told they can cheer for the
Angels when they are not playing
the Red Sox :)
Somehow we ended up with an Angels

At one point, Jake was wearing his
Red Sox shirt and the Angels hat.
I wore an Angels Hat because I am
a So Cal girl.

It was a perfect night at the Baseball

We had good seats for the boys right
at the railing but we had to tell them
not to lean over it!(we kept them busy by
getting food for them constantly)

Tommy was just happy to be at the game
and was even happier when the Red Sox

Me and my boys

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fred Jordan Missions Event

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of
being a part of the Mother's Day Event
held in LA by the Fred Jordan Mission.
I attended the Good Friday Services
but this event was held in the street
with tables set up for people to come
and eat a home cooked meal and to
hear about God's love for them.

It's been fun getting to know Willie
Jordan who runs the Mission (her
husband Fred, passed away 24 years ago),
and her son, Tom, who goes to the same
church as I do (pictured below).

People were lined up early waiting to
get a good seat. We met a bunch of them
as they entered the seating area.

The Evangelical Covenant Church partnered
with the Mission to put on this event. They
brought worship singers and a Pastor gave
a message. Click HERE to read more details
about the entire event and the people we
reached that day. I shared a short message
as well at the beginning of the day.

It is always so humbling to share about
God's love and grace!

A little girl who was excited to see the

The seats were filled.

Meeting others who spent the day serving
those in need:

At the end of the Pastor's message, he invited
people forward who would like to ask Jesus to
be the Lord of their lives. Amazing grace is
received and my heart was so happy as I watched
these people go forward. They don't have much on
this earth, but the Bible tells us that if we have
Jesus, we are the richest of all!

With one of the pastor's daughters

Willie Jordan and her son, Tom Jordan

After the event, they interviewed different
people for a video they are putting together
for the Fred Jordan Mission. This is the
videographer/producer and his wife (he also
does workfor the Harvest Crusades and Greg Laurie)

It was another great day: speaking/sharing/
loving on and praying for those in need.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Washburn Rural HS Baccalaureate

On May 1st, I spoke at the Baccalaureate
for graduating seniors from Washburn
Rural HS in Topeka, KS

The group who runs this event is very
committed and diligent. They have
hearts for the Lord and want the students
to all have an opportunity to be encouraged
by God's truth at this event before they
graduate and enter a new chapter in their

After I spoke, the seniors and their families
went to a small reception and I was able to
take pictures with some of them.

I hope they were all encouraged!

The is Jay T's Family: his daughter,
Rachel, is the youngest of 3 girls.

This is the group of prayer warriors and
hard workers that put everything in place.
I walked away feeling like I have a bunch
of new friends! I think I might have to
take a road trip across the country one
of these days and visit all the wonderful
people I meet on each of my trips!

Earlier that day I attended Westen Hills
Baptist Church. I did a Q&A with the
Pastor and heard a great message. It was
nice to be able to attend church even
though I was on the road.
I also met some of the softball players
from WRHS when we met for Frozen Yogurt!

When I got off the plane on Saturday night
and mentioned to Jay T that my teammate from
the 2000 Olympics, Christie Ambrosi, lived
in the area, he said I should call her and
we ended up stopping by her house for 2 hours!
Jay T knew Christie because his daughter who
is in college now used to take pitching lessons
from her. It's a SMALL softbal world!
It was so fun to catch up and talk about
everything from kids to softball to coaching
clinics that she is putting on this winter
and I will be speaking at!

Ardmore, OK; Jennie Finch Softball Camp

Another great camp with the best camp
crew ever! This was the last camp for
a few months because Jennie is due
June 27th with her 2nd son! I am
so excited for her and Casey!!!

But seriously, this little girl,Hadley,
all decked out made me want to go adopt
a baby girl right now!

She just turned 2 and is the cutest
thing ever! She's got blue eyes and
knows all about softball already.

What do we do when we are not running

We had the clinic on Sat and Sun and on
Saturday night we had a dinner in the
same arena that we held the camp in.
I had to take a picture with this
girl and her father because he was
stationed at Fort Benning, in Columbus,
GA when we stayed there for the 1996
Olympics. He remembered when we were
there and said we probably had a
picture together somewhere (we all
took photos with the guys who were
our security during the Olympic Games).
He just came back from Iraq recently
and said his daughter could go wherever
she wanted and her dream was to come to
Jennie's Camp! Such a cool story!

Kari (who was in charge of running the
camp and is MVP of all camp directors :)
and her daughter Ceanne (they are
like family to Jennie!) & adorable Hadley
is Kari's niece

At the dinner, they had a tribe come
and perform a dance that they do. Next
thing you know, they start coming and
grabbing people from their seats to
join them.

We found out the name of the song is
something like this:
"Steal a wife and make sure she's not ugly."

After we ate, Jennie spoke and then
Andrea shared about winning back to
back NCAA Championships at UCLA and
I spoke about winning 3 Gold Medals.

It's a time for them to get to know
a little more behind the scenes info
from us.

On the field (or in the dirt in the
arena :) )

Outfield stations:

Mac's Hitting station in the corner

One of the groups:

My college helpers:

Tommy's Birthday was on Saturday while I was
in Oklahoma, and he flew to Baltimore that
day for work, so we celebrated with cake
on Thursday night before I left: