Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year in Review 2011

Merry Christmas 2011
Love, Tommy, Leah,
Jake, Drew, Luke,
& Grover

This past year was another fun
and busy year! Here are some
highlights of 2011:

Nana stayed for 7 whole weeks
with us! It's hard living so
far from Nana and Papa, so it
was nice to have her here for
so long.
I stayed busy speaking for Sports World:
this year I spoke in Simi Valley/Ojai,
Bakersfield, Virginia,
Santa Ana, Corona/Chino Hills,
and State College, PA.

I also spoke this past year at
high school chapels, Christian
clubs, FCA President's Weekend,
Softball National Tournaments
Opening Ceremonies, FCA Banquet,
FCA Coaches Clinic, National
Coaches Clinics, HS Baccalaureate,
and to softball teams.

Tommy and I celebrated our 12th
Wedding Anniversary with
our whole family on Jan 3rd
We took a trip to the mountains
for some fun in the snow.

I worked at Jennie Finch Softball
Camps all around the country
(Michigan, Arkansas, Lousiana,
Oklahoma, Oregon, New York,
Virginia, and Georgia)

We took a family trip to
Lego Land for
Luke's 4th Birthday

Drew played his 2nd year
of baseball and this time
he was on the same team
as his cousin, Micah.
I went to Seattle with Kristi
for the Beth Moore Conference
(thanks to my husband
for my anniversary gift!)

Easter 2011

Tommy and I took my neice, Taylor,
to watch Arizona Softball
play against UCLA.  She
had such a great time and
was able to get pictures with
the girls and also my favorite
coach ever, Mike Candrea
We went to the Angels vs
Red Sox game when they
were in town.Tommy
continues to be one of the
biggest Boston fans out

We fed the homeless
every other week in Pomona
I was the color analyst for
ESPN with Holly Rowe
for College Softball
Super Regionals
(Houston vs. OK. State)
I also did the Pro Fastpitch
Championship Game on
ESPN in August in LA
I also did radio for the NCAA
Women's College World
Series (my first experience
and I had a great time)
Jake went to summer camp with
our church for his first
time ever and had a blast.

We went to Zion, Utah for
vacation w/family
and friends.

We went to Athletes International
Conference in Phoenix and
 I was honored as Female
Athlete of the Year

Drew graduated from Pre-School
Luke finished his first
year of Pre-School
We found ways to have fun
and stay cool in the heat
We took the boys to the
circus for their first
time ever

I started homeschooling Drew
in Kindergarten in August
and Jake is in 4th grade

Tommy and Jake took a trip
to Boston to celebrate his
brother's birthday

Tommy took Jake to Comic Con
for his 10th Birthday

My niece, Brooklyn, was born
in September (my sister's
I went to New York City with
Toni, Mac, and Andrea
when we had our JFSC
Camp in New York
We had lots of beach days with
lots of friends

Drew turned 6 in October
We took field trips to
Sea World and
Safari Park

And we got a new pet,
Grover, in November
I was honored to speak at
the Fred Jordan Mission in
LA on Skid Row this
year.  I spoke at the
Good Friday Service,
Thanksgiving Day Event
and the Christmas
Toy Giveaway.  FJM is
helping so many people in
need all year long!

And the boys saw Santa so now
they are ready for Christmas!!

It was a year full of
God's blessings once again!
I pray that you have a
wonderful Christmas and
Happy New Year in 2012!

We are excited to have Nana &
Papa here for the holidays once
again this year.  Remember,
Jesus is the reason for the
season!  Merry CHRISTmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fred Jordan Mission Toy Giveaway

Yesterday I went to Skid Row in
L.A. for the Fred Jordan Mission
Toy Giveaway.  I have really
enjoyed the events that the Mission
puts on and have been so honored
that they have allowed me to share
a little at each event.  I get so excited
to be able to proclaim the love of
Jesus to everyone around!

I took Jake with me for the day.
I love taking my kids with me
to help them see others that
have needs and how we can
help those people.  Earlier
in the week we went to feed
the homeless at a park in
Pomona, like we do every
other Thursday.  I took Jake
and Drew with me and we
brought blankets and flash-
lights that we wrapped for
all the people we served.
One of the guys said, "This
is probably the only gift I'll
get for Christmas."  I was
a few minutes late since I
was wrapping the gifts, but
I knew it would be worth
being late.

Back to the Fred Jordan
so many people come to
serve and even Minnie
and Micky Mouse came!
The kids loved it.
It's amazing how blessed you are
when you go out and desire to
bless others and love them with
God's love.
The Fred Jordan Mission is
blessing so many people who
are struggling in different
ways.  To hear the people
come up to Willie Jordan
and tell her how thankful
they are and how they want
to help serve there is so
amazing!  They are being
the hands and feet of Jesus.
They share God's Word,
then give food and gifts.
God provides the needs
of His children.  I want
to be faithful to be someone
who helps bless others with
the provision God has given
my family.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Stop

This week, we made a stop to see Santa
at Bass Pro Shop!
I realized that my boys are getting
so grown up.  This is the first
year that they all just walked in,
told Santa what they wanted
for Christmas and nobody
gave me a hard time.  Maybe
it helped to be at Bass Pro Shop
because the boys played until
it was our turn in line, and then
ran around the place finding guns
to pretend to shoot and tents to
play in.

I love the decorations and trees

We also sat down and wrote out
the list for Santa and put it in his
mail box, just in case he forgets :)

We are checking off our list of
things to do during the holidays:

See Santa  - Check
Go to Christmas Lights - check
Get and wrap gifts - check
Make yummy chex mix - check
Decorate house - check
Make Christmas crafts - check

This week, I will:
Decorate sugar cookies
Decorate gingerbread house
Take the boys ice skating

Other than that, we are ready
for Christmas to come!