Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Video on Prayer

I did a video on prayer for
Unashamed Athletes: a community
on social media of athletes or
people in the sports world who
are standing up for their faith
in Jesus Christ.
Click below to see the video:
Prayer Video for Athletes 116

Marshall Softball & LA Times CIF Top 100 Athletes

While I was in West Virginia,
I was also able to take a
spur of the moment trip
to Marshall University.
The funny thing is almost
exatly one year ago, I spoke
at Marshall about Title IX
but the team was out of
town so I didn't get to
meet them. 
This time I was able to talk
to the whole team and had
dinner with the coaching
staff.  What a blessing to
talk about the Lord with
Division I softball coaches!
These coaches are making
a huge difference.  I was
able to share about how God
truly got a hold of me in
college.  I had some great
dialog with a few of the
girls on the team.

I was also completely humbled,
honored and surprised to be
named by the Los Angeles Times
as one of the hundred greatest
athletes in the CIF (California
Interscholastic Federation)
Southern section in the last 100
years!  There were only 3 softball
players on the list: myself, and
two Olympic Teammates:
Lisa Fernandez, and Stacey
Nuveman.  Other names include
Jackie Robinson, Tiger Woods,
Lisa Leslie, Julie Foudy, Tony
Gwynn and Pete Sampras.
Click HERE to see the

Lots to be thankful for. . .

My family and I had a wonderful
Easter celebrating Jesus Christ. . .
New life comes through His
sacrifice for us. . .
True love comes from
knowing Him and being
known by Him. . .
Purpose in life is
experienced through living
out God's perfect will
for your life!
I have had a busy couple months.
Besides homeschooling, being a wife,
taking care of the house, and more,
I have had opportunities to speak
locally and across the country.

I spoke at Cal Baptist last month
for their inaugural Night of
Champions.  The other speaker
for the night was Ken Johnson,
the Chaplain for the Indianapolis
Colts.  I was so blessed by his message
and am thankful for godly men who
stand firm in God's truth and
fulfill God's calling for their lives.
There is nothing better than seeing
men who love Jesus and lead
by example for others to follow.
Ben Mulder (in the middle in the
photo below) is the FCA Director
in our area and does a great
job making a difference for the
Lord in the sports world!

 I also spoke to the high school team
of a former coach of mine and was
able to have dinner at his house
afterward.  I love that softball has
given me lifelong friends and people
who I can connect with after any
amount of time.  He gave this
photo to me as we talked about
old times!  This was the 14U Team
that won Nationals- I am on the
bottom row, third from the right.
I have so many great memories
with these girls even after all
these years!

 I traveled to West Virginia to
speak in schools in the area.
I had a great trip speaking for
Sports World!  I met some
wonderful people and hope
to work with them again in
the future.  I was blessed to
speak at the Wednesday night
service for Faith Christain
Fellowship Church.  I stayed
an extra day to do a softball
clinic with some people I met
while coaching with the Pride
last year.  I love how God
connects people over time
and works out all things
according to His will.

 I was also able to share about
how God changed my life and
uses softball as a platform to
share the love of Jesus after
a HS softball tournament.  The
girls were so cute afterward
coming up to take pictures with
the medals.
 On April 8th we celebrated
Luke's 6th birthday with
family and a few close friends.
I can't believe my baby boy is
6!!  Time is going by way too
fast.  We bought Luke a bike
for his birthday and we have
been taking lots of bike rides
 Last week I flew to Warner
Robins, GA to speak at an
FCA Fundraiser Banquet,
along with Herschel Walker.
He was so nice and is a legend
in football!  Nobody knew who
I was but that's ok.  I enjoyed
sharing how God wants to use
each of us in our own way
wherever He has us.  I had
a wonderful time with the
people in Georgia!
 Last but not least, I am proud
to join with Cleats For Feets:
working to send cleats and shoes
to children accross the world
who are in need.  Sports is
truly a way to connect with
people in any culture and to
give these shoes can be a
blessing to those who have
little to nothing.  I am excited
to see how God uses this

I can't believe we are only 6 1/2
weeks away from my boys getting
out of school for the summer.  We
have a busy summer planned.
I am so grateful for all that
I have and for each day that
I wake up!  I was heartbroken
by the news from Boston and
even know one of the men
who was near the bomb
and has already undergone
seven surgeries in the past week.
I have been praying constantly
for these people.  Our hope
needs to be in Jesus, the one
who knows all things and who
answers our prayer.  He is the
Lord and is near when we call
out to Him.  I will continue to
live out God's will for my life-
looking to Him and pointing
others to Him.  God is faithful-
don't ever forget that!!