Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Last weekend we went to
the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch!
 My family and my brother's family
met up to check out all the pumpkins!
This was our first year with none
of us bringing a stroller or cart
to pull the kids in or put the
pumpkins in.  We enjoyed it,
but next year Jessica will have
her little girl (due in Jan) in
a stroller when we go :)

Cousins. . .
 Luke was having a little
melt down and we made him
take a picture, so this was the
best we could get.

Our family:

 This January, Tommy and I
will celebrate 14 years of
marriage!  We have just as
many trips to the pumpkin
 Keith's family: Jessica,
Taylor and Micah

 The kids loved running around this
huge hill/area!
I even ran into my friend, Shari,
and her whole family.  We played
softball together and she was
my catcher from when I was
14 til I was 18!
 After the pumpkin patch, we went
into the huge corn maze.

 It was a lot of fun!

Another year, another family tradition. . .
My boys just keep getting bigger
and I still can picture them as little
ones when we took them to the
pumpkin patch as babies!

I am excited it's FALL!

Proud of my boys

I know I posted about Drew and
Luke getting awards last
month so here is a picture
of them together:

 And today Jake got an award
for Language Arts.  He LOVES
to read and will read for hours,
so he definitely deserves this
award.  I am pround of him.
He also got his shirt last week
for the 100 Mile Club because
he completed 25 miles.
 This is Lukey's teacher
 And the wall where they put
up pictures of the students who
are honored each month. 
 Jake was excited to get an
 Before I left to New York,
we went to Barnes and Noble
for a fundraiser for the boys'
school.  Teachers and student
and even the site director read
books to the students and if
you wore your P.J.'s there,
you got raffle tickets to win
 Even some of our closest
friends came to the fundraiser.
 It was a fun night for all
of us!
 I am proud of these boys. . .
 even if they are a little crazy
a lot of the time!

New York, New York

Last time I wrote I was on my
way to New York City!

Well, I had a blast
while I was there.
The weather was nice
and cool and we had a
great day of sight seeing
after our red-eye flight!

Here are some photos from
my weekend in New York:

We started with a train ride
into the city

 First stop: Macy's, just to kill time
before going to the Empire State
Building.  This Macy's is HUGE!
7 Stories!!!

 Toni, Andrea, and me just
goofing around
 2nd stop: Empire
State Building: We were
able to go to the 86th
Floor and 102nd Floor
and we went past every
line thanks to Marlon who
has worked PR for Jennie
Finch before!
 The view was beautiful.
I have been up 2 other times
at night so it was fun to see the
city in the daytime.
 Me, Toni, Andrea, Jennie's

 This is really high up!
 Toni, Dre and I decided to jump
on the subway and visit a couple
other spots.
 First stop, Central Park.  It is huge
so we just decided to walk around
a small part- it was very pretty.

 We waited to go to our next stop:
 Near Ground Zero
 We weren't able to get tickets
to Ground Zero
because when we checked a
month before going, they were
already sold out for that day, so
we just walked around the area.
We went into St. Paul's Chapel:
the church right next to Ground
Zero that was unharmed in the
attack and it was also a place
where firefighters slept, ate,
and rested during the aftermath
of the 9/11 attacks.

 There are still so many memorial
momentos inside the church. 

 We also visited a small memorial
museum nearby.

 After walking around all day, we
were beat!  We took the train back
and I went to bed very early that
night!  But not before we grabbed
some pizza and ice cream!  That
is a must when you are in New
York City!

Saturday and Sunday was
camp time.  Here is a picture
of Marlon- not only did he hook
us up at the Empire State Building,
he brought us 12 AMAZING
cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop!

 We had about 300 campers and
it was a great weekend
 teaching the sport I love
with people I love to be around!
 Sunday morning we had a great
turn out for our Bible Study!
God is so good.  I love being
able to share God's Word on the
softball field and encourage these
young girls and their families to
shine for the Lord. Jennie is such
a great example to all these young
girls and I am thankful for her
friendship and her values.  She is
a hero to so many people and
God is using her in big ways.  I
am grateful to work at her camps.
 I taught hitting this camp,
and the girls worked hard
on what they learned.

 And once again, we cannot thank
the college teams that help out and
make these camps run the way they
do.  Adelphi College helped out for
the 2nd year in a row and they
were great.
 At the end of camp we always leave
them with a few words that sum up
the weekend- I always remind them
that there is a plan for their lives and
God loves them!
 And that's a wrap!