Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Birthday

Cupcakes (made by my best friend, Kristi)

and Baskin Robin's Mint Choc Chip Ice
Cream Cake:

What more do you need to have a great

Absolutely nothing,

and yet, I had so much more!

I am blessed.

Last week, my boys had their first day
of Pre-school on my birthday, so I had
a few hours to myself.

My mom and I went to get manicures and
pedicures (thanks to my hubby)

And he surprised me by walking in the
salon with these:

All the workers thought it was so cute
and I thought he was cute :)

Then, my mom and I went to lunch at the
best Mexican food restaurant: Miguel's!
After stuffing myself, they sang Happy
Birthday to me and I wore this silly hat
while they sang :)

Then I went and picked up the kids and
we spent that night feeding the homeless.

We were able to hang out with family
on Saturday:
My little sis

My little bro

My thoughtful and giving husband

all the kiddos

I am a multi-tasker and because we weren't
able to go to the Sept 11th Memorial at our
church, we were able to watch it live on Bridgette Gabriel spoke
and I wish every American could hear what
she has to share! Kristi and I ate our
cake and I was texting on twitter and
facebook for people to turn on Hischannel
and watch, and we listened to a message
at the same time (multi- indeed)

I don't need much to make me happy:
but it makes me happy to be surrounded by
loved ones and to eat yummy food! For me,
that is enough!

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