Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've joined Twitter!

OK, so now that I will be speaking this
school year with Sports World, they asked
us to sign up on Twitter. I mean, Facebook
was a huge deal for me a couple years ago
when I started that and Twitter was nothing
I wanted to do. But now that they have
asked us to join, they have challenged us
to get 1000 followers before the others.

This is a contest and we are ALL competitive.
Here's the situation- these guys are all
former NFL athletes, and I was an Olympic
Softball Player. I have been asking my
Famous former teammates for help, because
I don't have a chance in this competition
if I do this on my own.

So if you have an account on Twitter, please
follow me at leah20usa. If not, wish me
luck! :)

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