Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drew's 1st Day of Pre-K

Both Drew and Luke had their first day of
school together, but Drew is in Pre-K
this year. He was telling me he didn't
want to go to school, but since meeting
his teacher and playing with the trains
in his class, he couldn't wait. He was
so happy in the car going to school

He also wouldn't put his backpack down
all morning. He HAD to have one like
his big brother, Jake. And of course
it is an Under Armour backpack. (It's
almost as big as him!)

Getting ready to go to class

One of his teachers, Mrs. Rupright

In his seat, playing with the kids sitting
next to him.

He loved his first day and can't wait to go
back. He asked if he could go the next day
and I told him he had to wait until next week
to go again. I'm excited for my little ones
to be at New Hope Christian School this year!

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