Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zion, Utah

Hoping to make more family memories
like these:

But hoping not to have these kind of memories
this time:

This time Dad (Tommy) is going though! And we
are sleeping in a tent, not a motorhome!

The Hallum Family

I met this amazing family a couple weeks
ago in Texas when I went to speak at a
State All-Star Tournament. I was sad that
I had to meet them under hard circumstances,
yet so blessed by their faith in Jesus.

This is a SOFTBALL family! Chad is an umpire,
his wife, Christy, is the President of the Seminole
softball league, and daughters, Krislyn (13) and
Karlee (11), both play softball. They were not
supposed to be at the tournament because they
were at church camp earlier in the week.
While riding horses, a storm blew in and lightning
struck and Christy Hallum finished her race here
and went to be with Jesus.

At the tournament, they talked about this family
and let balloons fly high into the sky in honor of
Christy Hallum. I was able to pray with this family
and talk with the girls a bunch. They are normal
teen/preteen girls. Krislyn wants to play softball
at Arizona or Texas and Cat Osterman is her favorite
softball player! Their grace is amazing. I believe
and they said that God has really given them a "peace
that surpasses all understanding" like the Bible tells
us. Krislyn was telling me that Jeremiah 29:11 ("For
I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord.
"Plans of peace and not of evil, to give you a future
and a hope.") kept popping up everywhere for her mom.
She also told me that Christy is reunited in heaven
with her mom. Thank you Jesus that this is the truth!
We have hope and people that don't know you need to
understand this truth and trust in you!!

It's a reminder of how short life is! I've had a
number of people pass away that I know and I desire
to live every day to the fullest, which to me means
living out God's will and following Him. This family
has blessed me. Krislyn already wrote to me and
told me how God has already used her to show her
faith with another person.

Chad, Krislyn and Karlee: I will pray for you!
I am so sorry for your loss and so thankful for
the bond in Christ. You will see your mom/wife
again. She is worshipping our Lord face to
face and I look forward to the day when all
God's children will be doing the same!

Monday, July 26, 2010

NSA Nationals Opening Ceremonies

This was my 3rd trip to Rock Hill, S.C.
to speak at NSA (National Softball
Association) Nationals Worship Service
at Opening Ceremonies. Hugh Cantrell
established this organization in 1982
and I am so grateful for his willingness
to allow a worship service to be tied
in with Opening Cememonies. They hold the
Ceremony at Carowinds Amusement Park
and then most of the families spend
the day on the rides.

York Baptist Association sponsors the
Worship Service and bring a worship Band
in to start the ceremony.

I was able to share about the Olympics and
success and most importantly: Purpose through
a relationship with Jesus Christ.
God has plans for us and when we recognize
His purpose for our lives, our perspective
completely changes. It's all about bringing
glory to God, even through softball!

I always get to meet people back stage

Mike Wallace (York Baptist Assoc) is responsible
for bringing me to S.C.

I had a great time talking about and listening
to God stories with Mike and his wife, Tammy,
over dinner

After the ceremony ended I signed autographs
for about an hour. I love meeting all the
young softball players! It brings back so
many memories of growing up.

I sign autographs and talk to the girls
and parents

And we have to get pictures with the Gold Medals

As you can see in the pictures above, you can see
the roller coasters from the theater. 3 years
ago when I was there, the VP at the time took
me through the back lot on his golf cart and let
me ride the top two rides at the park. I felt
like a movie star, walking right up to ride
the roller coasters.

So I had to ask again and this year, they said
the newest ride, Intimidator, was the one I had
to go on. It goes VERY high up! Click HERE
and check it out- go on a virtual ride!

It is known as the Tallest, Fastest, Longest
Roller Coaster in the Southeast

It didn't disappoint!!!

Thank you to Hugh Cantrell, David Butler, Mike
Wallace and everybody else for giving me this
opportunity! Sharing about softball, Olympics
and Jesus is my favorite thing to do!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Under Armour All-America HS Softball Game at the ESPN Rise Games

Held at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex

This year I coached Team Hype at the Under
Armour All-America Game in Orlando. Once
again, the event put on by ESPN Rise was
a success. The game was played on Tuesday
but tape-delayed and aired on Saturday.

Team Hype at the Under Armour Game

One of the people responsible for making this
all come together is Garland Cooper (center).
She played at Northwestern and was an amazing
athlete and now she works for ESPN Rise. She
even commentated this game as the analyst.
I also coached with Mary (right) again (former
Michigan softall player).

Under Armour allowed the athletes (and coaches)
to Gear Up for this event with their product

It's like Christmas (reminds me of Team USA)

I came home with shorts, shirts, shoes, flip flops,
sun glasses, a backpack, water bottle and more!
Thank You Under Armour!!

We had practice to get to know eachother and
then we ran a little fun "Softball Olympics"
with kids from the Boys and Girls Club

After lunch and UA focus groups, the athletes
and coaches headed to the Magic Kingdom for
some fun (I stayed at the hotel and relaxed).
I had enough Disney fun last month to last
me awhile!

Tuesday was Game Day ("Skeeter" and Nicole coached
Team Rally)

After getting their NEW uniforms, they had a photo
shoot and were ready to play

The Game was aired on ESPNU

There was a lot of action this year (20 hits between
both teams, but also 5 errors for my team)

I'm so excited for the future of these
athletes in the sport of softball. I saw
a lot of great talent on the field

After the game we headed to Epcot for a
Mother/Daughter Dinner event and Sue
Enquist (UCLA Coach when I played) spoke.
She is always motivating and it was fun
to visit with her. The athletes had
a front row spot with dessert to watch
the fireworks to end the night!

Under Armour and ESPN Rise put on a top
quality event every year!!!!

Toothless for 3 weeks

Last year Luke fell on a trampoline and
cracked his two front teeth so he had
to have them pulled and 2 fake teeth
were put in.

A month ago he fell off his bike
straight onto our tile and when I
went to pick him up off the floor,
his teeth were laying on the ground!

He told the dentist that he "broke
his teeth".

3 weeks later he had his teeth once
again! I am thankful for the dentist!!

Fun on the 4th of July

We had a great day celebrating our

FREEDOM on the 4th of July!

It was all about:

Faith (we started the day out at church)

Family (we are so blessed)

Food (and lots of it!)




Lots of FUN