Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Trip to Big Bear 2014

 We have been taking an annual trip
to Big Bear and the mountains
for 5 years now and each year
is so different.  Last year we
had a storm right before heading
up the mountain and it snowed
while we were there.
 This year there was no snow,
except for the man-made stuff
for skiing and snowboarding.

We took a nice hike one
day while were there and
another day I took Drew
snowboarding with my
brother and nephew.
It was his first time and
he had a blast!  I didn't
even realize how long
it had been since I had
been on skis!  My last
time was 17 years ago
and this was only my
third time ever! But it's
like riding a bike, once
you learn, you always
remember how to do it.
I can't wait to go back
next year.
 Tommy took Jake and my
niece zip lining.  They had
a great time as well.  I'll
have to do that at some
point too!
 Even with a tiny bit of snow,
the view of the lake was
 Each night we watched the
Winter Olympics and cheered
on the USA athletes.  It was
so fun for Drew to snow board
since he was watching the
amazing talent of the Olympians
each day.