Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is Heaven like?

Read Revelation 21 and 22 and
here's what we'll find there:

Throne of God and of the Lamb

River of the water of life:
as clear as crystal

Tree of life, yielding it's
fruit each month

No more curse, no more night

No need for a lamp or the
light of the sun, for God
will give the light

Reigning with God forever

Great street of the city is
pure gold, like transparent

No more death, mourning, crying,
or pain

and much more!

Who is there:
"only those whose names are
written in the Lamb's book of
life" Rev 21:27

*I recently had a chance to share
with a friend and she wanted to
make Jesus the Lord of her life.
As I was sharing verses and
explaining some of the truths of
the Bible, she was taking it all
in. As I shared these verses about
heaven, she said, "Forget all those
other verses, who wouldn't want

I loved her heart! There is so much
waiting for us but sometimes it's
easy to forget what lies ahead. We
can get side-tracked and forget that
there is a life beyond this one that
is so much better. Heaven is real,
but we need Jesus to get there. We
need our names in the book of life.
I know people who are with God right
now and I look forward to seeing them
again one day! Until then, I will
tell others about heaven and the God
who created it all.

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