Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bible Study

I love Bible Study!  I have an amazing
group of girls who are real and open.
Right now we are in the Beth Moore
Study of James.
I also love to share how it all started
for me.  My love for Jesus really didn't
start until I saw somebody near my age
living bold for the Lord.  Her name was
Julie.  Here is a picture of her:

I only knew Julie for 3 short years
because she passed away at the
age of 21.  After seeing how she
lived for Jesus and knowing she
was face to face with Him now
for eternity, my perspective about
using our time for the Lord was
much more clear. None of us
are promised tomorrow and when
we are gone, all that truly matters is
if we knew Jesus as Lord and if
we lived for His glory and loved
others the way He loves! 

Now that I have opportunities to speak
around the country, I share a lot about
the impact Julie made on me.  There is
something powerful when you have a
positive influence in your circle of friends.
Even though I had loving and caring
parents, I still was impacted by the
people I hung out with.  I know that will
be the case for my boys too, so I pray
they continue to choose to hang out with
godly friends as they grow older.

I wanted to write this post because
after speaking in the Ohio Valley
schools last month for Sports World,
I received a few messages from some
of the students I spoke to.  This is
one I just received and it put such a
big smile on my face :

I said that I would contact you in May,
but I wanted to say  something. When
you were at our school, you said you
and Julie had a Bible Study group. I
thought a lot about it. I made a little
Bible group myself.
We just read verses of the Bible
and discuss it so we understand.

P.S. We didn't start yet. I just thought
of it like 5 minutes ago. But
that's what we're going to do.

You never know whose life you
might impact! Choose to make
a difference today!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The lastest. . .

We had everyone over our house for
Easter this year

I love the celebration of Easter
(Jesus IS Risen)

I LOVE my Family!!!!!!!

Taylor and Tommy:
Justin (16),  Taylor (12), and
Jake (10)
(oldest in each family :)
All of the cousins look up to
Justin (literally and figuratively)
Kristi w/Jessica & me
(she is our adopted family :) )
Egg hunt all over the back yard:
This is why we celebrate-
death (Jesus) brought life
for ALL through His
A couple weeks ago I went to
Marshall University to speak
on Women in Sports & Title IX.
I am so thankful for the women
before me who paved the way.
Many did not have the opportunities
I had- and I feel so blessed to
have played sports when I did
growing up. 

Maybelle Blair (All-American
Women's Pro Baseball League)
is a friend- and it was so fun
to speak alongside her at
Marshall!  She is so funny
and is always so kind.
I was thankful for the opportunity
that Dr. Kat Williams gave me
to speak on campus.  It was
truly an honor.
I was able to watch Arizona
Softball play in Fullerton last
month and spent some time
talking to my favorite coach
in the world: Coach Candrea!
FCA Softball is still growing.
We need all the support we
can get.  Spread the word and
get involved if you love Jesus
and softball :)
We received these awesome
rings from Josten's rings for
the God & Country Event
in FL this past January.
What a cool gift that was!
Last month I was also in the
Ohio Valley speaking to schools
for Sports World. 
It's always such an encouragement
to be able to remind young students
to keep their hearts set on what they
are passionate about.  I remind them
to give all that they have, stay positive,
make good choices & let them know
that it was my faith in Christ that
made the biggest difference in my
whole life.
OK, last but not least. . .

This should have a whole post
to itself so maybe I'll write about
it again later. . .

I bought the BlendTec Blender.

I am not normally obsessive, but
this thing has me obsessed!  I have
eaten more spinach in the past
3 weeks than I had eaten in a year
or 2 combined!  I LOVE this
blender.  I have been making
2 green smoothies a day and
have been getting so many
different fruits (apples, oranges,
mangos, bananas, strawberries,
raspberries, kiwis) & have been
adding cucumber, carrots, kale,
spinach and flax seed. 

This smoothie was water,
mango, green apple, spinach,
and ice.
And a new favorite: tortilla soup:
all fresh ingredients!

Drew is the only one who will
drink green smoothies, so I have
been sticking to fruit, yogurt, juice
smoothies for the boys.  It's been
nice to have when we are running out
the door to the ball field & it's way
healthier than what we normally
would grab!
Well, that's what we've been up to
lately.  I did have a chance to speak
last weekend at South Hills
Church last weekend and again
at Covina HS on Tuesday.  I know
God is the One who opens doors,
so I will continue to walk in
His will and His way!  There is
nothing better. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go Pirates

Baseball season is in full swing!
This is Drew's 3rd year playing
and he's only 6!  Getting an
earlier start than I did growing
up :)

He's having a lot of fun.

He loves having his cousin, Micah,
on his team.

This year they are hitting off a
machine.  He does well at times
and makes adjustments when
he struggles.

It's fun cheering him on.
Tommy is helping coach
too this year!

My baby turned 5!!!

Where has the time gone?

Luke was born 5 years ago:
April 8, 2007 and it was
Easter Sunday

This year his birthday fell
on Easter Sunday once again!

I love that- Easter is all about
NEW Life because Jesus
rose from the dead and
conquered death.

When we trust in Him,
we are promised eternal
life with God in heaven!

I was thankful for the life
of Lukey that God gave
to our family 5 years ago!
We had a small celebration at
John's Incredible Pizza
We had everything we needed for
a party:
friends & family

The birthday boy said this was
his best birthday so far!

There were lots of winners, and
a few jackpots were hit!

Jake won 1000 tickets that he
and his cousin, Taylor, shared!

We love our little guy, even though
he's not so little anymore!

5 years old! Our baby is a big boy.

We are so thankful for our
family and friends!