Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ojai/Ventura, CA: Sportsworld

Things have been busy in my life! This
week I was in Ojai and Ventura speaking
at schools in the area for Sportsworld.

While I was speaking on Tuesday, Tommy
(my husband) was having surgery on his
knee. He tore his meniscus and had
that fixed. The week I was out of town
was the 1st day avaialable for surgery
that his doctor had open. Thank goodness
for his mom and my mom! They took over
all my duties at home and more while I
was out speaking.

I spoke 15 times in 3 days! Good thing
I change my story a little bit each time
I speak. John Jenks (a P.I. from Ojai
drove me around- Tommy and I met him a
few years ago) had to listen to every
talk I gave! My goal was to keep him
entertained since he had to listen to
me so much :)

Every school (Matilija Jr. High, Balboa
Middle School, Anacapa Middle School
(where Olympic teammate of mine, Kim
Maher, went to school) and Meiners Oaks
Elementary School) was so great to
work with! The staff at every school
was so friendly and the students were
all so well behaved! I love the feedback
forms we have the kids fill out after
we speak- they are so encouraging to read!
Students want to make good choices!

The only school I took pictures at was
Balboa Middle School in Ventura

This was with some of the staff I met
during lunch

I spoke to all 6 PE classes at Balboa



Future stars

Great P.E. staff!

It is pretty amazing to speak to 3000 students in
such a short time. We stopped by the softball
fields one afternoon because a student asked
if I could come and talk to her team. I was
also able to talk to some of the women at
Ojai Valley Community Church during their
Bible Study. Pastor Paul Bergmann is a former
NFL athlete and also used to speak for
Sportsworld. We are hoping to join together
this summer and put on a clinic/speaking
engagement in Ojai. I am always so thankful
for the wonderful people that I get to meet
when I travel and speak!

This is how the rest of my week went:

Tommy is recovering well- he'll be up and
running in no time. I came home Thursday
night (I stopped by the park where we feed
the homeless and have a cool story to share
in another post) and found out that Drew
was in a lot of pain. We spent Friday at
the Dr.- he had to get a boil lanced (the
pain was horrible!). Dr. May is the best:
after Drew was finished, he was still upset.
Dr. May pulled out his wallet and gave
Drew $2 and said, "Go buy the biggest candy
bar you can find." I felt so bad for him
so after the candy, I took him for ice
cream. He deserved a lot of sugar for
what he had to go through! (yep- those
are gummie worms on top of the ice cream:
more sugar)

On Saturday, I met my "team" for the
Mud Run we signed up for in June. Let's
just say, "they are all runners" and
I'm not really feeling like a runner!
I think I need a ball to run after or
something. We ran 3 miles and it was
definitely hardest for me! Trying my
best not to be the weak link!

I'm speaking to another group of Chinese
students this week, but this time I'm
going to bring a ball and glove and bat
to show them what softball is :)

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