Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Day

We took a trip to Wrightwood today to
play in the snow! I went with my brother's
family and my sister-in-law's dad and
his kids.
Luke started off by crying because
he got hit with a snowball in the
first 10 minutes there, but eventually
he had a lot of fun.

He wanted to ride in the sleds a lot.

We found some good hills.

We hiked to find better hills for us

All the kids

Today was a lesson on staying away from
yellow snow. There was way too much of it
around! Once we made sure it was clear
and white, they couldn't wait to eat it!

The snow was soft and perfect for
making a snow man! My sister-in-law
made a snow CAT too but my camera
battery died so I couldn't get a
picture of it.

We found this huge hill and at the top
it looked like it was a straight drop
down. The kids started sliding down
on their rears, so the adults had to
join the fun. I love that kind of
stuff. Jake is at the top of the
hill in this picture.

Hannah and Luke enjoying the ride

We had a blast today!

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