Sunday, January 23, 2011

CCCH: love my church

I love my home church: Calvary Chapel
Chino Hills!

I am so grateful for my pastor: Jack
Hibbs and his wife Lisa

We are blessed to learn the Bible
(book by book) from a teacher who
studies the Word of God and waits
on the Lord

Pastor Jack is passionate about
Jesus first! His love for the Lord
is infectious. He is a people
person and lives out the joy of
the Lord.

At our church we are being kept up
on events in our culture that are
happening around us. We need to
be aware of the battle we are facing.
We need Jesus to be at the center of
our lives, but Jesus met people where
they were at. He knew what was going
on around them in their culture. We
are able to be pro-active because we
are informed regularly of current issues
that the church faces.

I love that no topic is off limits in our
church! Pastor Jack teaches the Bible
and even the hard stuff to approach!
The Bible brings light to the hard stuff!

We have amazing guest speakers and worship
leaders/bands. We have many different
ministries at our church because our pastor
allows people to step out and use the giftings
that God has given them.

Recently we had Jay Smith speak (lives in
London and is a Christian Apologist who
engages Muslims for a living and shares
Jesus with them). We also listened to
Carol Everett today who was an abortion
clinic director in Texas until God opened
her eyes to who He is. In the past we
have had 3 Former Islamic Terrorists and
Sy Rogers (lived as a woman for 2 years
waiting for a sex change and God radically
transformed his life!) speak at our church.
Brigitte Gabriel (American Congree for
Truth), General Boykin, David Barton, Ken
Ham (Answers in Genesis) and Tony Perkins
(Family Research Council)
have spoken numerous times and speak
nationally and internationally. Our
eyes have been opened in many areas that
I would normally not be exposed to. We
all have Jesus as the center!

I guess I just wanted to say I am so
thankful for the teaching we get. We
get challenged, encouraged and our
knowledge of who God is and what the
Bible teaches is growing at our church.

We are filled up, so we can go out and
make a difference! I'd love to hear about
your church and the blessings you receive

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