Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Holy and Pray

"For the eyes of the LORD are on the
righteous, And His ears are open to
their prayers; But the face of the
LORD is against those who do evil."
1 Peter 3:12

This is a powerful verse. Simple
and to the point. God's eyes are
on us if we are righteous (living
as He calls us to live in love, joy,
peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
gentleness, faithfulness and self
control - among other things).
We are told in the Bible that our
righteousness only comes from
Jesus.  So the only way to live
in righteousness is to draw close
to Jesus & spend time w/him.
Easier said than done, but with
God, we have the VICTORY. We need
to pray, because His ears are open
to hear what we are saying. He is
there wants us to spend time
coming to Him and pouring out our
hearts to Him. Let's not
have anything to do with evil deeds.
Let's not make any excuses for our
sins. If we know Jesus, then God
sees us as holy and forgives all
our sins. He helps us, changes us
and uses us to bring Him glory.
Let's keep fighting the good fight
and not get tired in this race-
keep your eyes on the finish line:
Heaven and on the ultimate prize:
Jesus Christ and eternity with our
Creator God! Be encouraged!

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