Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy All the Time, and Thankful at the Same Time!

Last I wrote about was visiting the Fred
Jordan Mission in LA last week. Today is
Thursday- ahh, I enjoy my Thursdays when
I'm home. It's the one day I have when
the kids are at school and I actually have
5 hours to myself. The biggest thing is
that it can be 5 hours at HOME! That is
a true treat.

Last Thursday I spoke at Upland Christian
Academy to the HS students. I enjoyed
sharing about being "Set Apart for God".

I compared Daniel (who was set apart in
very hard circumstances and was blessed
in many ways for his obedience to God)
and Lot (who lived in a worldly society
and did not make one single difference
for God in another person's life- including
his family- even though the Bible tells
us in 2 Peter 2:7-8 that he was a righteous
man). That is amazing to me- we can know
God and be righteous and make NO difference
in another person's life if we are not
set apart. I desire to impact God's Kingdom
while I have the chance. All the glory
is God's and I want people to know that
God changed my life and He can change
their lives too- for eternity!

Friday I flew to Clermont, Florida for
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Softball and the 1st ever Coaches Clinic.
I loved that we not only had top talent
(coaching and athletes), but we also
were able to share how to incorporate
our faith into our sport. Powerful stuff
was shared! Gator Coach (UF), Tim Walton,
spoke along with All-Americans, Jennie
Ritter and Kristen Butler. Scott Gilpin,
Roger Lipe and Jeff Duke (FCA) spoke and
Bob Pinto is heading up FCA Softball.
Last but not least, my former Olympic
teammate, Dot Richardson, taught as well.
I was honored to join this group and am
excited for what God is going to do in
our sport for His glory. Check out FCA
Softball on Facebook if you haven't already!

I returned on Sunday and had a lazy day
with the family. On Monday, it was back
to our homeschooling routine. Tuesday night
was a blessing to me as I joined 3 other
friends for a time of prayer. Prayer is
so powerful! God showed up in an awesome
way and we were able to bring so many
requests before God. We praised God and
thanked Him for who He is in our lives!

Two major prayer requests:
For Brielle
For Joanne

Asking God for miracles right now!

Today I was so honored to join the
Sister to Sister Mentoring Program at
our church. I am so excited to see
God do a mighty work in my mentee and
in myself as well!

I am grateful for all the opportunities
that God is bringing to me at this time.
But I also know how much I need to read
my Bible, spend quiet time in prayer,
and stay in my study. I can only give
out what I have first taken in from God.
I desire to live out this verse that
Paul wrote:

"As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I
urge you to live a life worthy of the
calling you have received." Eph 4:1

I want to be worthy of this calling
from God, right here, right now.

Child of God, wife, mother, speaker,
softball instructor, mentor, friend.

"I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

OK, gotta run- need to do some
Bible study while it's quiet around
here before I have to run and get
my boys!

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