Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time flies

Time Flies . . .no matter what! Whether
you're having fun or not having fun, it
just flies by!!! I mean, where did last
year go? Yesterday at lunch we were
talking about the time that Tommy surprised
me as our whole family went out to eat
at The Cheesecake Factory for my mom's
Birthday. It was also my 10th Wedding
Anniversary and Tommy was working in
San Diego. I was so sad that he wouldn't
have found a way to spend the day with me
and he tricked me and showed up with Roses
and completely surprised me!
My sister-in-law swore that is was last year,
but it was 2 years ago! We couldn't even
remember what we did last year on that day!

I think it's the fact that we are so busy
that makes time go by so fast. Everyone I
know is just as busy as me.

Somehow this past year I found time to:

Homeschool my oldest son
Have a 4-yr old play a season of T-ball
Take a family trip to the mountains for
a week
Do a homeschooling co-op with 17 kids
every Tuesday til May at my house
Play soccer every Friday night (when I
was in town!)
Do 2 1/2 Beth Moore Bible studies w/my
Serve in the church nursery every other
Wed night
Do the Friday Study at Church in the
Give softball lessons weekly
Speak at a Women's Retreat for Shoreline
Put on Heart of a Princess Event
Do 3 ESPN Games for College and Pro SB
Take a Family Vacation (w/Tommy's family)
to Disney World for 5 days
Coach the Under Armour All-American HS
Softball Game in Orlando
Beach Trips
Camp in Zion for 9 days
Feed the homeless every other Thur night
Speak 17 times in Ohio and Coronado for
Tape 12 shows for More Than Conquerors
Attend Women's Events at church
Attend a Beth Moore Conference
Go to lots of dentist visits for the kids
Speak to softball teams, martial arts
athletes, nursing students, and more
Throw out the 1st pitch at the Angel's
Attend 1 day of FCA Camp at UCLA
Travel to Virginia(2X), Oklahoma,
Florida (3 times), Texas (2X),
Indiana, Louisiana (2X), Ohio,
Arizona, New York, New Jersey,
Sacramento, Minnesota, & Pennsylvania!

Just to name a few things! I know, that
covers a whole year, but it also makes
it FLY by! My little ones are not so little
anymore. My baby is turning 4 in a
couple months. It goes by fast and I
need to do my best to make it count.

I desire to grow in my faith more every
year, to be right in the middle of God's
will for my life. Another year will
bring "new" events and opportunities in
our lives, but will also bring new
challenges. My goal is to rely on
God through it all. I want to draw
closer to the Lord and gain more godly
wisdom so I can be used by God as He
has planned for my life. Like my
pastor said this past week, "When we
serve God, we experience His presence."
I want more of God, so I just need to
give more of myself to Him! Here we
go 2011- let's see what God has planned
for this year!

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