Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where is the time going?

Time is going by way too fast!!! I know
everybody feels the same as I do, but
I really wish it would slow down sometimes!

My mother-in-law has been here since Dec. 22
and she leaves in a week and a half. Her
help around the house, in the kitchen and
watching the boys has been such a blessing.
I think God brought a few extra local speaking
engagements to me while she was here because
God knew the boys would be in good hands.
We are going to miss her when she leaves!

Tommy is up and walking around even though
the Dr. doesn't want him to do much for 8
weeks. He starts rehab next week.

I spoke yesterday to another group of Chinese
students and this time I felt like I connected
with them much more. We showed a slide show
of pictures and when I pulled out the Gold
medals their reaction was priceless. You
heard the whole room sound like this, "Oohhhh!"
And the cameras all came out.

I showed them my bat with my name on it and
the cameras all came out again when I gave
a pitching demonstration. Yes, I pitched
inside of a church. I didn't throw very
hard and I only hit the wall a couple times!
Good thing I don't throw hard enough to
make a dent! They loved watching me pitch
the ball. I guess it would look cool to
them because they were even interested
when I threw the ball overhand. Afterward
they swarmed me for autographs and player
cards and we took a ton of pictures with
the medals. They were really cute!

One thing that shocks me is that these
students and staff have NEVER heard about
the Bible or Jesus. I always think people
know and have their own beliefs but after
that last group was here, all 3 leaders
accepted Jesus as their Savior after hearing
about God's gift of eternal life for them.
Amazing! I spoke about God and my faith
in Jesus and at the end a boy asked, "What
is more important to you, the Bible or
the ball?" And I said, "The Bible. I have
God with me all the time even if I don't
have the ball. And God helps me to play
ball." They were surprised, but what an
amazing question. I am so excited for them
to hear the Good News on this trip again
because they are going to go to a Chinese

This Sunday I fly to McAllen, Texas to speak
at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet
and next weekend I'll head into freezing
weather for a clinic with Jennie Finch in
Michigan. I also am excited to join Jennie
and many others on the FCA Softball Leadership
Board. I am amazed at how God is moving
in the sport of softball. When people share
God's love and truth with others, how can
they not respond? They will either desire
what He offers or may believe it isn't true.
But God is real, the Bible is truth and Jesus
died for each one of us! God is for us and
has the best plan for our lives no matter
what we go through.

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