Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speaking to Chinese students

As I finished my playing days, I literally
felt my passion change from competing to
speaking. I felt that it was weird because
I had no confidence at all in speaking.
I felt like God had put on my heart a
desire to share His love with others.
I have always loved to encourage others
and whether I am sharing my faith or
motivating students to be their best,
I am filled with joy when I know that
people walk away encouraged.

I have spoken at a lot of different
events throughout the years. A week
and a half ago I spoke in a different
atmosphere than I ever have before.
I spoke to Chinese high school students.
They were here for 2 weeks in LA and
a friend asked if I would come and talk
about my Olympic experiences. I brought
the medals and talked to them but I'm
not sure how much I connected with them.
It was definitely one of the hardest
settings I've ever shared in due to the
language barrier (and the fact that most
of them acted like they have never heard
of softball before even though China
is one of the top 4 countries in the world
in softball). Either way, we had a fun
time taking pictures at the end :)

It was fun to join a friend in ministry:
Priscilla Miller sang worship and her
husband, John, played the guitar

Grace Soeter (to my left)helped set up
the speaking.
She works with international students.
These were the teachers helping them
to learn English.


My translater for the day (one of their
leaders): goofing around

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