Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank You Armed Forces

I pray for our Armed Forces often. Not
as often as I would like to, but this
email below is a reminder of those men and
women who are serving with their lives
on our behalf in the United States of
America. My service to God seems small
when I think of those who leave the
comfort of their homes, and leave all
their loved ones to answer the call to
protect our country. Please join me in
praying for ALL the men and women in
the Armed Forces! I was humbled by
what Kevin wrote to me. In my opinion,
they are the TRUE heroes! And I'm
grateful for our show, More Than
Conquerors, that is being shown around
the world! Thank you Kevin too, for
your sacrifice! God Bless You and use
you in mighty ways!

I want to thank you and AC Green for
your bravery during the interviewed
on your faith in Jesus Christ. Although
I cannot remember the program which
broadcasts it, I was happy to see that
AFN (Armed Forces Network) allows
Christian-based programming overseas.
One thing you mentioned in the interview
which struck me especially hard was that
you said Winning is a bi-product of
character and integrity. These are two
of the 7 army values which I live by
every day. I hope to return home to
Southern California this summer and
rebuild my life. Anyway, I hope to meet
someone like you who is strong in their
faith and has a champion spirit. Once
again, thank you.

Pristina Kosovo

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