Monday, January 10, 2011

Hard times, Good God

Job 1:1
"THERE was a man in the land of Uz,
whose name was Job; and that man
was blameless and upright, and one
who feared God and shunned evil."

I'm jumping ahead in my 1 year
Chronological Bible Reading and
doubling up (I got an early start)
because I want to read the entire
Bible this year. I'm in Job and
this is a book about a godly man
who goes through the toughest times.
Although he feels beat down
and wishes he would have never been
born, he never stops trusting in
God! He was a real man, with real
pain and heartache. He cried out
to God but he never turned away
from God.

Verse 1 above says that Job was
blameless and upright and that
he shunned evil and feared God.
This man was set apart for God!
But that didn't keep him from
going through unbelievable losses
and tragedy over and over. I
know so many people and keep
hearing new stories of how many
people are affected by cancer and
it breaks my heart. I have been
praying for these people and I know
they have others praying as well.
I think about the families who just
lost loved ones in Tucson from an
evil murderous rampage that is so
senseless. I am reminded that this
is not our home, but also that we
need to continue to press on, to
persevere and to look up to God
who is the only one who knows how
it will all turn out. He restored
everything and more in Job's life
and even if God didn't restore it
before Job had died, Job would
enter God's kingdom and would never
again have any tears, heartache or
pain. We can't understand God- "His
ways are not our ways and his thoughts
are not our thoughts". Remember this:
"His ways are HIGHER than our ways!"
He LOVES us, we just need to keep
loving Him and running to Him. I
pray that God views me as He viewed
Noah- with God's help I desire to
live a blameless life and shun evil.
I fear God as I give Him complete
reverence and worship. Hope is in
God alone and His Son, Jesus Christ.
No matter what, He is in CONTROL!

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