Monday, March 14, 2011

Set Sail with God

"But as he left, he promised, "I
will come back if it is God's will."
Then he set sail from Ephesus."
Acts 18:21

Paul had been teaching in Corinth and
the people wanted him to stay longer
but the Bible says that he declined.
Next, he set sail: first he went to
Caesarea and then to Antioch.

I am studying the life of Paul right
now, but wanted to share this verse
because there are times we need to
"set sail" too. No, not on a boat,
but we need to be willing to let God
take us where He WANTS us. Paul was
filled with the Holy Spirit and stayed
when God put in on his heart to stay,
and left and set sail when it was time
to go.

We also need to spend time with God
(reading our Bible, praying, listening,
going to church, etc) so we can know
when to set sail and when to stay where
we are.

God impressed this thought upon my
heart a little while back:

People need to jump in with both feet.
Some people have one foot in the boat
and one foot on the dock. In order for
God to show us what He has planned for
us and how He wants to work in us and
through us, we need to trust Him completely
with the path the He has set for us.
Some people just won't let go and want
to be in control, so their boat (opportunity)
just stays tied up. They do it their way
but never get to see all that God had for
them. They miss out!

Some people allow their fears to get the best
of them and they just want to stay safe and
comfortable, so they dock where they want
and just enjoy what they have. They aren't
able to make a difference for God in anybody
else's life because they just stay where it's

Some people don't mind going, but they want
a say in HOW they get there. God sends this
to take them:

But they want this:

So again, they miss out on the details
that God had planned for the trip.

Yes, setting sail (following God completely
with His leading and direction) can be scary.
We will have storms along the way (whether
He leads or not), but if we let Him take
lead and direct the boat, we know that He
will cover us no matter what we go through.
He knows the exact ship (size and style)
that we need and He knows who he's going to
allow to take the trip with us. God also
has things to experience and sights to behold
that will make us see His glory and bring
Him the praise He deserves. He just
wants us to get off the dock and


He won't make us, we must jump in with
both feet! I have, and it continues to be
an amazing ride!

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  1. Your presentation was soo inspiring today!! You spoke to me profoundly! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you don't mind..I am going to blog stalk you now! :) hehe...Thanks!