Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camp Ashlie Pictures

Sumter, South Carolina

Softball Camp: Camp Ashlie
(This is her actual autograph
copied onto the shirts)

In honor of Ashlie Pipkin: the 11 yr.
old softball player who went to be
with Jesus in Sept. 09. She loved
softball and the community wants to
honor her name. They have held
tournaments in her honor and this is
the 1st Softball Camp they have run.
75 girls attended and we had a great

After the drills/stations were finished,
we hung out and talked and I signed a
bunch of autographs. (Always an honor
to do that!)

Some individual pics

A couple of our younger campers :)

Ashlie's Mom: Brandie

I spent some time with Brandie on
Friday and she told me all about
Ashlie and what they went through.
God's hand was imprinted throughout
the stories she told me.

Brandie wanted to share where they
laid Ashlie to rest. In the distance
you can see the fields and that means
so much to them. Ashlie loved softball!

I stayed until everyone got everything
they wanted signed.

I enjoy camps all over but this one was
very special. I feel like God blessed
us in many ways and we did our best to
honor Him. The girls were so much fun
to hang out with! It makes you feel
good when you have a bunch of 11-12 year
olds that really want to hang out with
you :)


  1. Thanks for all you have done for the girls. My 2 girls really enjoyed the pitching and hitting drills. Most of the parental comments were about how committed you are to Jesus. The message was great. My girls will never forget the time they had with you.

  2. My daughter is Harley is, one of the little girls you have posted on your blog, she is the one with the gray shirt on. She is only 7 and she took so much away from that day with you. She came home and showed her older sister some moves that she'd learned. Harley had her tibia broken in Nov. and was in a full leg cast for a month and a half cast after that, then mid Feb got her short cast off. She still has trouble with her gait and with running. She was THRILLED because you had helped her run faster after one of the running drills!! She was so excited and was pumping those little arms all she could!.. Thank you for that Leah, and for all that you continue to do in God. God bless you and your family.

  3. Thank you both! For your encouraging words and for the support you are giving your daughters. I know I accomplished my dreams because my parents gave me every opportunity to get better and you are doing that! I am so thankful for the time in South Carolina. Everyone was so wonderful. Harley was adorable!