Thursday, March 31, 2011

Martinsville Support Team

Every time we do assemblies in different
areas for Sports World, there is a team
of people who help behind the scenes.
This trip, there were a lot of different
people helping out!

Big Thanks to:

Dr. Paul and Margaret Jones:
Former Superintendent and Author
They took me to my first school and
I believe God may have given me a
word through Dr. Paul Jones (we'll see
how God moves and I'll let you know!)

Today I had the chance to visit the
Philpott Dam and Philpott Lake
They are run by the Corps of
Engineers and this staff was
so fun to meet.

The Philpott Dam

Richard and his sister Kitty Lou
took me to my 1st school today and
they were the ones who took me to
the Philpott Dam

It was beautiful

The Team Leader for this whole week is
Barry Nelson and his wife Patti. I have
had a wonderful time getting to know Patti
and love Barry's heart for athletes and
the youth! He is making an impact of
eternal value.

The Davis Family with Fort Trial Baptist
Church who helped put the whole group

They also took me to the famous:
Pigs R Us
Featured on the Food Network and

I was able to meet the owner, Tommy
and his daughter, Brooke (I spoke
at her school today too!) and they
gave me a "Checkered Pig" sweatshirt.
The food was awesome!

Everybody is so friendly and giving here
in Virginia. I am thankful for all of
the people who serve behind the scenes!

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