Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost there. . .

Ahhhh, April is just around the corner.
I'm excited for April because then I
feel like I'll be able to catch a breath!
Everything is going by so quickly and
I'll be home for the entire month of
April. I am absolutely enjoying all of
the opportunities I have been blessed
with, but I am looking for a little longer
time between trips.

I met such wonderful people last week!
On Tuesday, I spoke at MOPS at Calvary
Chapel Chino Hills. I was excited to speak
to this group because I know a bunch of
the ladies who are a part of it. I spoke
on "Foundations of A Champion". I always
pray about what God wants me to share on
and this is what He lead me to:

H-eart (Passion)
A-bility (Talent)
P-rize (Keep your eyes on it)

I felt like all of these words applied to
my teammates and myself who competed and
brought home the GOLD in each Olympics, but
these also apply in life and in our spiritual
lives. Once I gave my life over to Jesus,
I had confidence in Him and no longer had
to worry about comparing myself to everyone
around me. I believe He gives us the passions
and abilities (giftings) to live the plan out
for our lives that He has prepared for us.
As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus (because
He is the ULTIMATE PRIZE!), we will remain
motivated to live a life of impact! I talked
about how Paul in the Bible was the complete
example of all of this.

On Wednesday, I spoke at Hillcrest Christian
School in Granada Hills, CA. I spoke to the
High School students, then to the Jr. High
students and at lunch I spoke to some of the
athletes. I was able to take Jake and Drew
with me. Jake gave me a thumbs up and
said I did a good job once I was finished
speaking. It was so cute. And after the
Principal came up and shared a little bit
too, Jake said, "I want to come to a school
like this when I'm older". I was completely
blessed! I love how when you do what God
wants you to do and as long as we seek to
bring Him glory, He completely blesses us
in return!

On Thursday I flew to South Carolina. I
spoke on Friday morning at Laurence Manning
Academy and worked with softball players
Friday and Saturday. They even had "A Minute
to Win It" Competition in their chapel after
I spoke and I competed with a partner against
7 other pairs of students. I had to toss a
ping pong ball off a clip board attached to
my partner and get 3 balls to bounce into
3 different pans. It was so fun- mostly
because we WON!!!! I have to enjoy
competition somehow these days!!!!

I'll post more with pictures about the Ashlie
Pipkin Camp that we did, but I was completely
honored to play a part in this clinic. Ashlie
passed away a year and a half ago after getting
sick and she was only 11 years old. I was
able to visit with her mom and hear all about
her. Let me just say that God is using them
to hear about Him. They have a wonderful
community around them who love Jesus too and
want to share about softball, Jesus and Ashlie.

It's back to homeschool mode this week and
getting a lot accomplished with Jake and
his school. Next week, I head to Martinsville,
VA for Sportworld and end up in Arkansas on
the weeked for a Jennie Finch Softball Camp.

I know that God gave me boys for a reason!
I think it's because I get all my girl time
when I travel (I had a blast with all the
girls at the camp this weekend!) and the
boys get to hang out with Dad when I'm gone.
This will be a good week home with my boys!

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