Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beth Moore Conference and More. . .in Seattle

What an amazing weekend I just had with my
great friend, Kristi. I'll have to post
some pictures soon- she was the main
photographer for the weekend!

It's amazing how you can be so filled
up in such a short amount of time.
I am so in awe of how good God is!
Even if I had the worst weekend ever,
God is still SO good, but I am so
very grateful for all that He blesses
me with.

There were 6,300 women listening to
Beth's teaching together in Tacoma,
WA. I have been blessed to attend
her last 3 Living Proof Live
Conferences the past 3 years, and
although they are always amazing,
this was my very FAVORITE!

I love how God uses Beth to make
His Word come to life in ways that
I hadn't noticed before and it
was all about

Road Signs:

Stop, Yield, and GO!

You would be surprised to see how
many times those words are used in
the Bible in powerful, transforming
ways! Worship was amazing as well,
and there is something so special
about 6,300 voices praising God

God's truth always encourages me,
teaches me, changes me so He can
use me! Looking forward to what
He has planned.

We were able to sit in the 3rd
row from stage in the middle!
Big thanks to Lisa Harper who
made a phone call and hooked us
up! Such a blessing!

After the event ended at noon on
Saturday, we drove to Seattle
(about an hour away) to be
TOURISTS :). First stop, Pikes
Place on the water. It's like a
farmer's market, but more of a
sailor's market with tons of little
shops, flowers, and seafood. We had
lunch overlooking the water. Then we
went to the top of the Space Needle.
God was so good: He brought out the
sun for us! That's a big deal in
Seattle- it had been raining and
overcast since we landed and for
the couple hours in downtown, the
sun came out and the scenery was
absolutely gorgeous.

After driving around downtown Seattle
and checking out all the cool condos/
houses on the water, we ended up going
to a 6pm Church Service: Mars Hill
Church and Pastor Mark Driscoll. This
was another blessing from God. We wanted
to go to his church Sunday morning but
wouldn't have had enough time before
flying out, and 20 minutes before the
service was starting, Mark Driscoll
tweeted that he was speaking at the
downtown Seattle church campus (not his
main church campus) for the kick-off
of their Saturday night services. What
are the chances, that the one time we
are there, it would be the 1st time ever
having a Saturday night service! And
that he would be speaking there! So we
frantically tried to find the address and
finally found it, and were less than 2
miles away! Again, what are the chances?
After many wrong turns (not great gps
directions), we found the church and were
only 10 minutes late! Guess what, they
had the 1st parking spot next to the front
door open, just for us! Thanks again God!
It was packed inside so they seated us in an
area where we had to watch a screen, and after
a few minutes, and out of all the people
seated around us, they came up and told us
that 2 seats just opened up in the area by
the stage and asked if we wanted it! YES!
We just laughed that God was so good to us!
Again, even if none of this happened, God is
still good and still the same, but I felt Him
blessing us because He loves us so! It was
a great teaching by Mark Driscoll in Luke and
it was about money. I loved his teaching of

We ended the night eating at PF Changs in
downtown Seattle but not before running into
a number of homeless people. One was a 14 yr.
old boy who told us that he needed money for
a bus to Tacoma (another girl (23 yrs.) told
us he is out on the streets and was lying),
and before giving him a few dollars, we prayed
with him. He said he was a Christian, but
I just pray that He will know how much God
loves him!

I know not everybody needs to know all the
details, but it was so great that I had to
share. Beth Moore- my favorite Bible teacher!
Mark Driscoll- a great young pastor who says
it how it is. Time with my closest friend.
New experiences (Space Needle) and sights
(beauty of Seattle).

The HUGEST THANK YOU EVER to Tommy!!!!!!
He sent me for our Wedding Anniversary because
he knew how much it meant to me and I am
so grateful!!!!!! I love you honey- and you
know how much I appreciated it!

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