Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kids say the funniest things. . .

Drew: "When baby girls come out, are they
bold on their heads?"
Me: "Some babies come out BALD, but some
have a head full of hair."

Earlier in the day talking about some
thoughts about Dad and Mom:

Drew (5): "Dad is a good worker. Mom is
a good softball player."

Jake (9): "Do you think Dad has muscles?"

Drew: "No, only God does."

Me: confused

Luke (3): "Mom, Drew said that God has

Drew: "He does. We are weak and He
is strong."

Then Drew says, "Another thing about
Mom is that she talks to God, but
in a good way."

It was a funny conversation! I just
might have to do a video interview to
have these fun memories!

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