Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Road Trip

When Dad's Away. . .
We'll join Him so the kids can Play:)

Tommy had to work a Football Show in
Las Vegas, so we made it a Road Trip.

The kids love packing all their toys
and each one brings their own backpack

They love staying in a hotel room
and take it over in no time!

We only stayed 2 nights but we made the
most of it. We went to the Stratosphere
and had lunch at Top of the World

Afterward we went outside at the top and
it was so windy you couldn't hear anything.
We decided to go and check out the view
from the inside.

Then, after Dad was done working, we
spent some time at Circus Circus. I
hadn't been there since I was a kid.
It's an amusement park inside a
building now! We played a little
miniature golf.

Luke getting some help.

Family pic

Then I went on a ride with Drew and Luke.
It's pretty funny to watch the faces of
the others on the ride. I was sure the
girl across from me was going to get
sick! I didn't feel so great myself,
but we laughed through it all.

Our last stop on our way out was by
the famous Las Vegas sign.

On the way home it snowed in the desert!
That's not something we see all the time.

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