Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Children: One of those days

"Behold, children are a heritage from
the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward."
Psalm 127:3

I know that God's Word tells me that
children are a reward, and yet sometimes
it feels more like they are a punishment.
I love my boys and some days, they really
can drive me up a wall. Today, at least
one of my boys chose to obey and listen.
The other 2 pushed all my buttons today.

It can be so frustrating homeschooling
when my own child doesn't want to work
hard. That drives me more crazy than
anything because I HAD to work hard in
order for me to succeed and yet, there
is potential that gets wasted when we
don't try! What makes it worse is when
there are tears and complaints through
the instruction. Not fun!

Then my little guy just wants to complain
and go against everything I say. I tell
him to eat the banana, so he says he won't.
I tell him he can't have candy, he cries and
screams and throws things because he can't
have it. I try to ignore him and he hits
his brother. He screams at the top of his
lungs for an entire car ride. If I don't
do what he wants, it is complete meltdown
mode! Of course he gets disciplined,
but the constant struggle gets old sometimes.

I am reminded that through this testing,
boundaries are being set. The constant
disciplining and consequences can bring up
so much negativity but when the love is
tough and love is shown after the consequence,
I believe they are learning life lessons.
I just hope they learn it now while they
are little! They are strong-willed boys
and I will continue to point them to God.
My prayer is that God will forgive me for
the times I discipline in anger and that
God will be seen when I do it in love!

I am an optimist and just writing this
seems hard, but it's real life. Moods,
challenges, disciplining and struggles-
all part of life. Makes it that much
sweeter when we overcome the hard stuff!

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  1. Something must have been in the air yesterday. I had to apologize to the boys, for yelling and getting so frustrated with them. It is HARD, though- when they don't listen and/or obey! Some days "flow" while others just don't. Yesterday was one of those days!! I feel your pain, sister. As long as we continue to train them up in the way they should go, we are following our Lord's directions to us, as parents...right?! I am trusting that there are lessons through it all...and that though all the rewards may not be "right here, right now"....they will come one day. Being a mom is, by far, the hardest job there is!! You're doing a great job! You are a wonderful mom.....