Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clinic with Olympians Jennie Finch and Andrea Duran

USA Softball: Andrea Duran, Jennie Finch and me

Last weekend I went to New Jersey to teach
outfield and slapping/bunting to coaches and
to work with young softball players in that
part of the country. The event was called
the Jennie Finch Softball Extravaganza and
was held at Diamond Nation. Jennie has joined
forces with Jack Cust to bring softball and
baseball to a higher level. There is a Jennie
Finch Softball Academy through Diamond Nation.

The Coaches Clinic was a lot of fun because we
were able to interact and use Jennie's 14&U
Team, Aces, for drills and examples. There
were 250 softball players at the clinic on
Sunday. We had a lot of help from college
athletes in the area to run the stations.
Jennie has been putting on clinics around the
country and does a great job. It was fun to
catch up and visit with Jennie. I also enjoyed
getting to talk to Andrea Duran, 3rd Baseman
for 2008 Olympic Team. Jennie's dad, Doug,
taught pitching and could talk softball all
day. I had a great time!

Jennie and her dad, Doug, teaching pitching

Diamond Nation Facility

Snow on softball/baseball fields! So pretty (can
you tell I'm from So. Cal?)

My new friend, Andrea Duran

Showing the Coaches Outfield footwork: An interactive

I am always so impressed with Jennie's humility.
She is the "face" to the great game of softball
and there is no one better to represent our
sport! She cares about the game, the players
and the future for our sport. Jennie is a
great role model on and off the field. My
favorite point to make is that Jennie loves
Jesus! She prayed at the beginning of the
clinic and I was so proud of the stand that
she is taking! I pray that God will continue
to use Jennie to make a difference.

Jennie, Andrea, & Me with the Diamond Nation
Softball Staff: They are the girls who make
all the difference!

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