Monday, December 14, 2009

All I want for Christmas is. . .

Christmas 2006: Jake (5), Justin (11), Drew (1))

Christmas 2007: (Jake and his cousin, Justin)

Last year we started doing something different
on Christmas. Instead of buying a bunch of
toys and clothes and little fun things for the
kids to open, we went to getting the kids 3 gifts
each. Many of my Christian friends have done
this, following the example of the 3 wise men
bringing Jesus gifts. I wasn't sure how it
would go, but it sure was A LOT less stressful
shopping and MUCH, MUCH cheaper as well. To
my delight, the boys never noticed a difference,
showing me I should have done this from Day 1!
They loved the toys they opened and they played
with each one. I found out that LESS really is
BETTER. We appreciate what we get a lot more
and will use it more if we appreciate it. They
also learn to choose "wisely" when writing their
Christmas lists out. This year has been stress-free
shopping again! Whatever you decide to do for
Christmas, I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas
with your family!

Christmas 2008

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