Sunday, December 13, 2009

The place Jesus was born

We all know the story of Christmas:
1. The Virgin Mary traveled all the way
to Bethlehem with her husband Joseph.
2. There was no room for them in the
inn and Mary was ready to have her baby.
3. Mary gave birth to her son, Jesus
Christ, in a manger.
(Go to Luke Chapter 2 in the Bible for all
the details of that glorious day)

As I was talking with Jake in the car today
on our way to church, I said, "You know
Jake, God sent His Son, Jesus (Who is also
God in the flesh), to be born on earth.
He could have been born ANYWHERE. He
is the King of kings and Lord of lords
and it would have been more fitting for
Jesus to be born in a palace somewhere filled
with riches. But instead, God chose the
lowest of low places: a manger. Think about
how smelly and dirty and loud it would have
been with all those animals! But God did that
so nobody would be out of His reach to love

Just as I finished sharing that with Jake,
I turned on the radio and a Christmas song
was on. The words were exactly about what
I was talking about 30 seconds before! The
song talked about God knowing how far down
He would have to reach and that's why He chose
to do it that way. I was so excited the "timing"
of my conversation and the song being turned
on. There will be many of those "God moments"
as we think about and talk about Jesus and the
Bible! This was just one of those that I wanted
to share.

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