Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I like Chewbacca!

Let me preface this by showing you the outfit
Luke was supposed to wear this year for Halloween.
My kids love Star Wars and both older boys were
wearing Star Wars costumes, so we decided to
get one for Luke too. Last year he was Darth
Vader and this year I bought this Chewbacca
outfit. He never did wear it and wouldn't even
try it on once! My kids are so strong-willed
so I knew I would lose that battle. Now I have
a brand new, never worn Chewbacca outfit!

So. . .
Luke is normally crying, whining or hitting
his brothers. Not to mention, making me want to
cry! But this cracked me up. A 2-yr-old sees
things we don't see (please excuse the left-over
chips on his mouth and his "Dumb and Dumber" hair

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