Sunday, December 13, 2009

Preparation brings Confidence

Just some thoughts:
Last weekend I did a clinic with Jennie Finch
and there was a part where there was a hitting
demonstration. I kept telling Jennie. "Just
let me hit "soft toss or front toss" (nice
and easy)," but she said, "No, I'll pitch
BP to you and Andrea." You have to remember
Jennie is one of the BEST and hardest throwing
pitchers in the world! So her easy still
seemed quick to me. She was just throwing
BP and Andrea Duran (2008 Silver Medalist
USA Softball) hit the ball HARD and FAR.
Me. . .not so much!

Here comes the analogy- Preparation gives
us our confidence. Even though it was
just BP (batting practice), I hadn't taken
swings off any pitching in 5 years!!! When
I played, I had confidence in BP or even
against the best pitchers in the world that
we faced because I put in the time and practice

How do we relate to that spiritually? We
want to be confident in our relationship
with God. We want to know we are going to
heaven and we want to know His Word. That
comes from preparation: reading the Bible
(teaches us to confess Jesus as Lord and
Savior and turn from our sin & we will receive
eternal life) and going to church. We can also
prepare by praying and talking with other Christians.
God wants to have a relationship with us
and He also wants to use us to bring Him
glory. I desire to be prepared so that
as He brings opportunities to share His
truth and love with others, I am ready!
I don't want to strike out! I want to hit
a Grand Slam and let people know that it's
all about Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

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