Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a Two Year Old: Toddler or Terror???

This 2-yr-old is one tough cookie! You can tell
that he is the youngest of 3 boys and will do
anything to survive! He makes his brothers (and
parents) yell and sometimes want to cry. He won't
take NO for an answer, but he'll always give it for
an answer! He's as stubborn as they come! But, with
that being said, he can also be so darn funny!

We call Luke "Lukey". One of the things that cracks
us up is when he talks about himself in the third person.
Here are some of the things he has said:

"That's Lukey's"

"Lukey's right here"

"Lukey not go outside"

When he does something he knows is wrong:

"Lukey did it"

"Look what Lukey did"

And when I told him to stop going in my
drawer, he said,

"Lukey's going in your drawer"

With all the chaos he can bring, he brings
smiles too! How can you get mad when he tells
on himself? I have my hands full!!!

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