Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Receiving Gifts

I am so thankful for gifts received and never
want to take anything for granted. I give lessons
to a few students and two of the families were
so generous to give a gift to our family! My
kids had the best time (Tommy too) opening this
basket full of goodies from Trader Joes. It had
everything from Sparkling Cider, Apple Cider,
cookies, popcorn, trail mix and a ton of other
yummy stuff. They LOVED all of it! Thank you
to the O'Keefe Family!

There were even 3 Christmas pencils for the boys!

And "Thank You" to the Holt family! We love the
Nativity figures! They go perfect with the colors
in our house and what they stand for is the reason
we have Christmas in the first place!

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