Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Giving: The Gifts that Keep On Giving!

I listen to a Christian Radio Station (I know, what
a surprise to those who know me) and I kept hearing
about Water Buffalo as a gift. Gospel for Asia is an amazing ministry and K.P. Yohannan is the
Founder and President. K.P. spoke at our church
last year and his heart to help others around the
world who have so very little is unbelievable. If
you want to make a huge impact for others and just
aren't sure where to give, you should check out
Gospel for Asia. We give to ministries here in
the U.S. also, but this Christmas we went on as
a family and I let the boys choose what animals
we were going to give as gifts!

They chose:



and Pigs

**We recycle bottles and cans and have been trying
to figure out a good way to use the money. We decided
we are going to save up and buy a water buffalo once
we reach that amount (we're about half way there right

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